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'Riverdale' Cast Cameos In 'Tonight Show' Peanuts Parody

'Riverdale' Cast Cameos In 'Tonight Show' Peanuts Parody

KJ Apa, Lili Reinhart, and Madelaine Petsch look on at a school dance in this Riverdale parody for the Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

The Riverdale cast members were joined by Cole Sprouse and Camila Mendes in their cameo appearance.

Jimmy Fallon made a parody of their hit show using teenage Charlie Brown characters.

“What are they doing?” Lili asks. Madelaine retorts, “is that like dancing?”

“This is very weird,” Camila adds, before KJ chimes in, “it’s crazy, so crazy. I actually just wrote a song about it. You guys wanna hear it?”

“NO!” everyone else responds. Check it out below!

Peanuts (Riverdale Parody)

Cole Sprouse Reveals How He Got His First Job in Photography (Video)

Cole Sprouse Reveals How He Got His First Job in Photography (Video)

On top of being the best Jughead on Riverdale, we all know that Cole Sprouse is an insanely talented photographer.

In a new video interview, the actor and photographer opened up about how he really got into photography and how he got his very first job.

“I just walked into Conde Nast and was like ‘hey, can I work here?’ and they were like ‘Well, what are you doing?’” he explains.

Cole told them about his planned train trip from the west to east coast and they said yes.

He continues, “The first print job I had was a trip to Botswana and document an elephant sanctuary. I didn’t actually know how it worked asking for work like that. I went in with a button up shirt on…from there, it just snowballed.”

Check out Cole‘s entire interview about how he turned his love for photography into a career below:

Dylan Sprouse Says He's 'Immensely Proud' of Brother Cole

Dylan Sprouse Says He's 'Immensely Proud' of Brother Cole

Dylan Sprouse and his brother Cole Sprouse are lifelong actors — from birth (see: Grace Under Fire and Big Daddy) to now (see: Riverdale, and Dismissed).

The twin brothers are now, separately, killing it on the small and big screen, and Dylan knows how lucky they’ve both been.

“We both have been lucky enough to be actually successful in the things that we have strived to do,” he shared with Indiewire. “But I think for us these last couple of years have really been an exploration of not only who we are as people, but also who we are as individuals outside of each other, and I think we’re really comfortable with that.”

While the two are successful in their careers, Dylan admits that he does miss seeing Cole all the time.

“The only thing that kind of stinks is that it generally means that we’re away from each other for long periods of time,” he says. “We’re both very close so it’s very hard with him living in Vancouver year round and not seeing him very much. When we do reunite and hang out, it’s very nice.”

“I’m just immensely proud of my brother for tackling both the big job of doing Riverdale, which is a lot of hours and has had like a lot of success, and also at the same time not losing sight of his passions like photography, which he’s very good at,” Dylan adds — and instantly shoots us with all the feelings.

If you’re wondering if Dylan is an actual Riverdale watcher, despite trolling the entire cast, we have to break your heart.

“I hear very good things [about Riverdale] and I hear my brother is quite good so I’m proud of him nonetheless.”

Cole Sprouse Turns To 'Riverdale' Co-Star KJ Apa For Fitness Inspiration

Cole Sprouse Turns To 'Riverdale' Co-Star KJ Apa For Fitness Inspiration

We’d have to use so many hands to count how many times we’ve seen KJ Apa working out on social media, and while at first it put off his co-stars, Cole Sprouse actually turns to him for some fitness tips.

“It’s good being on a show with people like KJ who are monsters,” Cole shared with People mag. “He’s ripped, he’s been ripped since he was like 10.”

He adds, “It’s nice going to the gym with dudes like that because I just mimic what they are doing and by proxy I get an exercise I never thought I would be able to get, which is one of the perks of being on a teen drama.”

Cole also spoke about what his workout actually looks like in the gym and how he prepares for certain scenes.

“I focus on different parts of the body on different days,” he says. “It’s usually high intensity circuits and a lot of body weight stuff. I’m not looking to put on too much weight through weight training, so it kind of depends on the scene.”

Cole continues, “If we have a prospect of a shirtless scene coming up, I usually go a little harder in the four weeks prior than otherwise, but yeah, it’s important to stay physically fit.”

Riverdale airs Wednesdays @ 8PM ET/PT on The CW.

Cole Sprouse Was The 'Strange Brother' in College!

Cole Sprouse Was The 'Strange Brother' in College!

Cole Sprouse has always been cool and collected in our eyes but apparently he was pretty awkward in college!

Before landing Riverdale, the 25-year-old actor and his twin brother Dylan took some time off to attend NYU.

While there, Cole says he was the strange brother!

“I must have been the strange brother on campus [at NYU],” he told People.

Cole added, “I had long hair down to my nipples and a pubey mustache and like all tweed so just not really a good look. Definitely not Sexiest Man Alive look. It was bad, it was bad. Don’t look for photos.”

Even though Cole might not like the look now, we’re sure he pulled it off in college!

'Riverdale' Cast Shares Their Thoughts on Jingle-Jangle!

'Riverdale' Cast Shares Their Thoughts on Jingle-Jangle!

If you’ve started season two of Riverdale, you know about jingle-jangle, the party drug served in straws resembling Pixy Stix.

The effect is an energetic, euphoric high – and laughter at hearing the silly name said aloud.

“Can you imagine having to say ‘jingle-jangle’ on screen over and over again?” Cole Sprouse (Jughead) told TVLine. “I think we didn’t stop laughing for the first four episodes.”

“My reaction was ‘Jingle-jangle? Jingle-jangle?’ Alright,” Marisol Nichols (Veronica’s mom Hermione) added.

Cole remembers asking showrunner Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa what the name meant. “He sent us… this classic, twisty, ’70s, drug-trippy ‘Jingle Jangle’ song, and then it all made sense,” Cole shared.

In the comic books, “Jingle Jangle” is the title of a psychedelic 1969 song and album from the pop group the Archies. (You can listen to it here.)

Even Archie indulges, in the scene where Veronica’s friend Nick St. Clair offers jingle-jangle around at a party. “That was a really fun scene to shoot, just because we were all goofy and we had music playing,” Casey Cott (Kevin) said.

Cole Sprouse Won't Be Confirming a Relationship With Lili Reinhart Or Anyone Else - Here's Why

Cole Sprouse Won't Be Confirming a Relationship With Lili Reinhart Or Anyone Else - Here's Why

Cole Sprouse is a guy who likes to keep private things private, which is why as much as we ship him with Riverdale co-star Lili Reinhart in real life, we won’t get a confirmation from either of them.

The actor/photographer opened up to People about the rumors surrounding not just him and Lili, but the entire Riverdale cast.

“I think that in many ways it’s offensive and an invasion of privacy,” he says. “But it’s also a badge of honor because it means you’re creating a chemistry onscreen that is so understandable that people want to see it in real life, which is flattering from a professional perspective.”

So when you ask him about Sprousehart being real, expect to get a “no comment” right back.

“Whether you dismiss those rumors or whether you encourage those rumors, it’s giving people who are in my opinion are a bit entitled to your personal life more power, and you have to have spaces for reverence in the industry,” Cole shares. “Going to college made me realize you have to have real spaces of privacy and you have to establish those early.”

He references Ryan Gosling as a perfect example of controlling your right to privacy.

“Gosling has been in a much more sexual or romantic side of the industry than many actors have to be, and his marriage is not publicized and talked about and beaten over people’s heads because people respect that he set those boundaries early,” he shared. “And that’s the same thing, the more you let people in on that, the more people feel entitled to it and the more it becomes problematic with whoever you end up being with in the future, so I take that very seriously.”

Cole adds, “I just never talk about it because it’s not anyone’s right to know. People can speculate all they want, people speculate me with every member of the cast practically, but it’s really no one’s right to know. It’s also sexy, these parts of the relationships that are just yours.”

Camila Mendes Says Her & Lili Reinhart's 'Seventeen Mexico' Cover is Way Better Than KJ Apa & Cole Sprouse's Covers

Camila Mendes Says Her & Lili Reinhart's 'Seventeen Mexico' Cover is Way Better Than KJ Apa & Cole Sprouse's Covers

Camila Mendes and Lili Reinhart share one of the covers for Seventeen Mexico‘s new December 2017 issue.

The two Riverdale stars star on the new cover, and co-stars KJ Apa and Cole Sprouse have also gotten their own covers — however, Camila still wants you to choose Beronica over them.

“grab a copy of @seventeenmx if you wanna practice reading in español,” Camila captions on her own Instagram.

As for why you should choose Beronica over the guys, it’s really simple: “Get the one with the blonde and brunette on the cover, it’s wayyyyy better than kj’s and cole’s i promise.”

Love this reason!

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