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JoJo Siwa Once 'Begged' To Come Back To 'Dance Moms'

JoJo Siwa Once 'Begged' To Come Back To 'Dance Moms'

JoJo Siwa‘s new book “JoJo’s Guide to the Sweet Life” comes with a ton of life tips, advice and yes, even touches about her time on Dance Moms.

The former star opened up about leaving the show in 2016, choosing to concentrate on her own brand which ultimately led her to an overall talent deal with Nickelodeon.

But before that happened, JoJo admitted that she begged her mom to return to the Lifetime show.

“By the time I left Dance Moms, I’d made so many friendships. And I didn’t want to leave anyone behind,” she shared in the hardcover book.

While she didn’t return, JoJo says that she still keeps in touch with everyone.

“We still talk constantly, Snapchat, we stay in touch,” she says. “I’m not talking about just the girls — they were amazing, but there was a lot of other friendships happening off-screen: crew, makeup, camera people, producers.”

Dance Moms aired it’s final episode last week.

Kalani Hilliker Writes Sweet Goodbye to 'Dance Moms' After Final Episode

Kalani Hilliker Writes Sweet Goodbye to 'Dance Moms' After Final Episode

Kalani Hilliker said goodbye to the Dance Moms life last night with the shows final episode.

The dancer, who will head out on tour with Chloe, Nia and Kendall soon, headed to Instagram just after the final minutes to write a sweet goodbye.

“This is hard to write but here I go,” she started. “I wanna thank everyone for watching this journey we have all been on. I know I haven’t been on from the beginning and I want to thank everyone for letting me be apart of this incredible experience.”

“This has been the longest, craziest, most exciting 4 years of my life of laughing, crying, fighting, and dancing lol. And I’m so grateful for all the friendships, opportunities, life lessons that have come out of it. Thank you to everyone who has watched us grow up into young adults on this show it has truly been an honor to be apart of your lives. And thank you to all the moms, girls, producers,teachers, fans, and anyone who has been apart of this journey.”

Kalani continues, “I’m forever grateful to have met my life long best friends and to have been able to have danced with them everyday for the past 4 years. And I know this isn’t the end for anyone. So I’m so excited to see what the futures holds for all of us. But I’m gonna stop here before I start balling my eyes out. love you all and thank you once again. #DMforever.”

Nia Sioux Shares Video From Her Last Days on 'Dance Moms' - Watch!

Nia Sioux Shares Video From Her Last Days on 'Dance Moms' - Watch!

It’s getting even closer to Dance Moms finale time and we’re not ready just yet!

Dancer Nia Sioux is commemorating the last episode of the show with a really funny video featuring Kendall Vertes, Chloe Lukasiak, Kalani Hilliker, Camryn Bridges, and more.

“Tonight is the finale of Dance Moms, which is super emotional for us all!” she wrote in the notes section. “I wanted to give you a behind the scenes look at all the fun we have together in between being on camera. We are a weird bunch, but we love each other like sisters.”

“Crazy to think that this is the end. Thank you everyone who has watched and supported… tonight’s gonna be an emotional one,” Kalani wrote on her own Instagram.

Check out the video below and tune into the final episode on Lifetime tonight!

Chloe Lukasiak Teases Tonight's New 'Dance Moms' Episode (Video)

Chloe Lukasiak Teases Tonight's New 'Dance Moms' Episode (Video)

Tonight’s episode of Dance Moms is set to be an emotional one as the Irreplaceables head off to nationals with Cheryl Burke.

This will be the girls’ final nationals competition, and with four solos, the girls go head-to-head to see who can come out on top as the National title winner.

The episode will also shed light on what the dancers — Chloe Lukasiak, Nia Sioux, Kalani Hilliker and Kendall Vertes — plus their moms will do after the show is done.

“I’m so happy that I got to end #dancemoms on my terms,” Chloe wrote on Instagram, with the promo video.

You can tune into the episode @ 8PM ET/PT on Lifetime.

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'Dance Moms' Stars Chloe, Kendall, Nia & Kalani Are Going on Tour!

'Dance Moms' Stars Chloe, Kendall, Nia & Kalani Are Going on Tour!

Big news, longtime Dance Moms fans: The Irreplaceables are going on tour!

Nia Sioux, Chloe Lukasiak, Kendall Vertes, and Kalani Hilliker have banded together as The Irreplaceables for a month-long tour.

“As seen on the hit show Dance Moms, The Irreplaceables…bring their world-class talent and larger-than-life personalities to major cities across North America,” the website reads. “This 75 minute show of cutting-edge dance brought to life by bright lights and unique sets will inspire the dancer inside!”

The tour hits Nevada, Arizona, California, Vancouver, Minnesota, and more cities starting in late November.

See if yours made the list HERE!

Nia Sioux is Leaving 'Dance Moms'

Nia Sioux is Leaving 'Dance Moms'

Nia Sioux has confirmed that she is leaving Dance Moms.

“It’s crazy to see how far it’s come and how much I’ve been through,” the 16-year-old singer and dancer told Teen Vogue.

“I was just like, I’m 16 now, I’m growing up, the show has been a great platform, but it’s time to move on,” she continued. “During the show, I couldn’t take all the opportunities that I wanted to, and now since I’m off the show I’m getting to do what I want to do.”

Don’t worry, though — you’ll still see her around.

“I have acting going on, music… my new music video, in 24 hours it went to No. 1 on iTunes,” Nia said.

Watch her music video for “You Don’t Really Wanna” below:

Nia Sioux “You Don’t Really Wanna” Music Video

Nia Sioux Gets Candid About Working With Abby Lee: 'It's Much Worse Off Camera'

Nia Sioux Gets Candid About Working With Abby Lee: 'It's Much Worse Off Camera'

Dance Moms star Nia Sioux‘s days of working with famed coach Abby Lee Miller may be over, but she will never forget the experience.

“Whenever I meet a fan they always ask me, ‘Is Abby really that mean?’ And usually what I say is: ‘What you see is what you get,’” Nia revealed to J-14.

“But also they don’t even show everything that happens on the show,” she continued. “So, I mean, other people might say differently but from my point of view, it’s much worse off camera. Nothing changes. That’s just her personality.”

She definitely isn’t alone in her mixed memories from the show. Chloe Lukasiak has opened up about how the show gave her a thick backbone, while Kendall Vertes admits that Abby Lee has “done a lot” for her dancing.

Tell JJJ: What do you think of Abby Lee?

Get To Know 'Dance Moms' Clara Lukasiak With 10 Fun Facts (Exclusive)

Get To Know 'Dance Moms' Clara Lukasiak With 10 Fun Facts (Exclusive)

Who’s ready for an all-new Dance Moms tonight on Lifetime?! We know we are!

If you missed it last week, you might’ve not seen Chloe Lukasiak‘s younger sister, Clara, make her Dance Moms debut — a real debut.

“I’m excited to be back on Dance Moms since I will actually be able to remember it this time!” Clara told us.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics from Dance Moms

JJJ caught up with Clara right after and to get to know her even better, discovered 10 Fun Facts. Check them out below!

  • I have a pink blanket named Plinky (it used to be my sister’s but she gave it to me when I was born)
  • I live in a town called Mars and there’s an alien and a spaceship in the town square
  • I take ice skating lessons
  • I love school and reading
  • I’m the biggest Pittsburgh Penguins fan (I even kissed the Stanley cup!)
  • Dance Moms started when I was one. I’ve grown up in it but never have watched it
  • I know all the lyrics to all the songs on the radio
  • I was named after the girl in The Nutcracker
  • Ballet is my favorite type of dance
  • My favorite color is blue

Dance Moms airs TONIGHT @ 9PM on Lifetime.