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Author Lauren Oliver Reflects on 'Delirium' Not Getting Picked Up To Series

Author Lauren Oliver Reflects on 'Delirium' Not Getting Picked Up To Series

Who remembers when Lauren Oliver‘s addicting book, “Delirium”, was going to be turned into a television show, and then it just didn’t happen?

JJJ definitely remembers and while speaking with the author recently about her newest book “Broken Things”, we had to chat about what happened with the series, and what she thought went wrong, if anything.

But, we didn’t get far in finding out.

“I actually was very much excluded from the pilot process, so I’m unsure why the adaptation didn’t really succeed,” Lauren told us about the series which originally starred Emma Roberts, Daren Kagasoff and Gregg Sulkin.

But she’s not giving up hope about a visual adaption though. “I am still scheming ways to adapt it, though!” she shared.

And let’s not forget, too, that her other book, “Panic” is becoming a series at Amazon.

“We start filming in September and I am SO excited about the cast we have assembled, about our director, Leigh Janiak, and about our show runner, Elle Triedman,” Lauren gushed. “It’s awesome to be working with so many talented women to bring this story to life. It’s always been one of the books I am proudest of.”

We can’t wait to hear more about both!

Could There Be More 'Delirium' Coming To Hulu? WIGS Producer Says...

Could There Be More 'Delirium' Coming To Hulu? WIGS Producer Says...

It’s out — the Delirium pilot, which was passed over by Fox last year and stars Emma Roberts, Daren Kagasoff and Gregg Sulkin, is now out on Hulu’s channel WIGS for 30 days and fans are already in love with it — which JJJ could’ve predicted.

WIGS producer Rodrigo Garcia, who also directed the pilot episode, chatted with Give Me My Remote on the bringing the book to television, and if the series could survive on Hulu.

On the potential of filming more: “Well, I don’t know. Obviously, like everything else in the world, it’s depending on if the audience is big, we would be tempted to do more, to find it again, to expand. We don’t rule out anything. But for now, we just want people to enjoy the pilotit tells a lot about the characters in this world that they live in, and their predicament, and their dangers, and their passions. I think it’s enjoyable on its own. Of course, if it did very, very well, I’m sure we’d consider things. But we don’t want to get ahead of our audience here.”

On the social media excitement surrounding the show: “I’m not surprised, because even as we were shooting the pilot, the response was huge. People that follow the books, people that follow the writer, our cast, especially Emma [Roberts (Lena)] has a humongous amount – in the millions – of followers on Twitter and Instagram. So I’m not surprised that even a tweet from her made a big difference.”

On his own excitement for people being able to watch: “There’s two levels: first of all, I’m excited for all the people who knew it was being made who are fans of the book, and fans of our cast, and obviously were disappointed it didn’t go anywhere. So first of all, I’m excited for them, because this is rare. Something like this to have a second life is unusual. And then I hope people discover the world of these books and this pilot. The work of the actors is excellent. Jeanine [Mason (Hana)], Daren [Kagasoff (Alex)], Gregg [Sulkin (Julian)], and Emma, in particular, are very strong in it. And I hope it will bring new eyes to WIGS, obviously. We wanted it to play in our WIGS home. We believe in it as something that can belong here. So hopefully it will be symbiotic.”

WOULD YOU WANT to see more Delirium?

'Delirium' Stars React to Fox's Decision To Scrap Series

'Delirium' Stars React to Fox's Decision To Scrap Series

Major bummer – Fox has decided not to pick up the highly-anticipated pilot Delirium.

“Thats showbiz #delirium,” star Daren Kagasoff tweeted after the sad news broke. “Thank you to all my fans, its a tough loss, but life goes on. The journey has just begun. I guess well see whats next ;))) Love you all”

His co-star Gregg Sulkin also took to Twitter to thank everyone for all the fan support, which included a major Twitter push from various celebrities over the last few days.

Click inside to read Gregg‘s full message to the fans… More Here! »

'Delirium' Takes Over Twitter #SpreadTheDeliria

'Delirium' Takes Over Twitter #SpreadTheDeliria

Delirium is spreading all over Twitter!

The Fox pilot, starring Emma Roberts, Daren Kagasoff, Jeanine Mason and Gregg Sulkin, is getting a big boost on the social networking site from fans worldwide and some of their celeb friends.

Awkward‘s Brett Davern, Beau Mirchoff, and Jillian Rose Reed, singer Pixie Lott, Pretty Little LiarsLucy Hale, Janel Parrish and Tyler Blackburn, Zelda Williams, Ana Mulvoy-Ten and more have been sending out tweets themselves, telling Fox to pick the pilot up for production for the fall season.

Author Lauren Oliver was blown away by the overwhelming support. Read her tumblr post inside the cut!

The story is set in a world where love is deemed illegal and is able to be eradicated with a special procedure. But with 95 days to go until her scheduled treatment, defiant teen Lena Holoway does the unthinkable and falls in love.

Be sure to keep #SpreadTheDeliria on Twitter!

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Emma Roberts & Daren Kagasoff: 'Delirium' Set in Malibu

Emma Roberts & Daren Kagasoff: 'Delirium' Set in Malibu

Emma Roberts and Daren Kagasoff take a quick break on the set of Delirium between scenes on Tuesday afternoon (April 2) in Malibu, Calif.

The two play Lena and Alex in the Fox pilot based on the book series of the same name. For lunch, Emma brought out the Cool Haus food truck for the cast and crew.

“#Delirium thanks you @RobertsEmma for the @coolhaus truck! Yummyyyy,” an assistant on the set wrote on Twitter.

“The lovely emmaroberts6 and I on set the other day. #AlexSheathes #LenaHaloway #Delirium,” Daren instagrammed over the weekend with a pic of him and Emma.

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