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WOW Launches Words of Wisdom

WOW Launches Words of Wisdom

WOW the band is branching out and teaming up with Exploramania to launch the WOW Words of Wisdom product line.

Exporamania is an interactive educational company that specializes in helping children reach their full potential. The company specializes in creating enriching and fun educational products.

WOW gives off a positive and energetic vibe that is well received by children of all ages. One of WOW‘s top priorities is to visit various schools, and hospitals to promote the importance of education, and exercise. The combination of WOW‘s energy and Exploramania’s educational movement concepts makes me confident that this is a great partnership and is going to be a successful venture,” the group’s manager and Rockworx Entertainment CEO, Paris D’Jon says.

Frankie Zulferino, Eddie Moody, Jake Lauckern, Michael Rechner and Kyron Correia are the band WOW. Sneak a peek of their new song below!

WOW – “Do You Miss Me?”

WOW - Unforgiven Official Music Video!

WOW - Unforgiven Official Music Video!

Brittany Curran jokes around with Frankie Zulferino in WOW‘s official music video for “Unforgiven.”

In the vid, Frankie and Jake Lauckern are both put on the losing end of love. Keana Texeira also stars in the vid as Jake‘s ex-girlfriend.

Check out more of WOW‘s tunes @ Myspace.com/WowTheGroup.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Wow’s new music video — HOT or NOT?

20+ behind-the-scenes pics inside…

WOW – “Unforgiven” Official Music Video

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Wow, Wow, WOW!

Wow, Wow, WOW!

As if opening for the Jonas Brothers wasn’t enough, look at those colors!

Meet WOW, a group of five guys — Frankie Zulferino, Eddie Moody, Jake Lauckern, Michael Rechner and Kyron Correia — who are no stranger to color or the music scene.

The quintet will also be joining singer/actress Keana Texeira on the Pop Smash Tour this fall. You can check out their tunes on their official MySpace and be ready on July 22, when their single “Goosebumps” is released!

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