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Meet 'Beautifully Broken' Star Emily Hahn With These 10 Fun Facts!

Meet 'Beautifully Broken' Star Emily Hahn With These 10 Fun Facts!

Emily Hahn‘s brand new movie, Beautiful Broken, is out today!

The new indie movie centers on a refugee’s escape, a prisoner’s promise, and a daughter’s painful secret that converge in what is a true story of hope.

Emily, 18, plays daughter Andrea and her secret is that she was sexually assaulted. The story follows the fathers as they fight to save their family and each family becomes intertwined in an unlikely journey.

Learn more about Emily with 10 Fun Facts below!

  • When I was 9 years old, I was bitten by a king snake on my ranch
  • I’ve surfed in some of the most shark-infested waters in Cape Town, South Africa
  • I booked my first film audition ever which was to play Bonnie in Toy Story 3
  • I was born in Los Angeles, but half of my family is from Argentina and the other is from Texas. I guess that makes me a Texantinian
  • I started playing the drums at 12 years old
  • I grew up on a ranch in Ojai, CA and started driving tractors at 9 years old
  • My favorite film is What’s Eating Gilbert Grape
  • The first movie I ever saw was The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring when I was 4 years old which sparked my love for film
  • My favorite sweet is dulce de leche, an Argentinian dessert made caramelizing sugar in milk
  • I began writing original songs when I was 13 years old and have been writing ever since
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Raini Rodriguez Opens Up About How Cyberbullying Got To Her & How She Turned It Around Into A Teachable Moment (Exclusive)

Raini Rodriguez Opens Up About How Cyberbullying Got To Her & How She Turned It Around Into A Teachable Moment (Exclusive)

Cyberbullying is a huge issue right now and something that we need to tackle head on – and that’s exactly what Raini Rodriguez is doing.

If you’re a fan of the former Austin & Ally actress, like we are, you’ve probably noticed the ugly comments on her social media and you’ve noticed her lack of a reply. But there’s a reason for that.

“This has been happening since November of last year, but I didn’t say anything because I don’t like to give trolls their power by responding,” Raini tells JJJ when we caught up with her recently.

However, something changed between November and now – she had had enough.

“I saw what happened with Millie Bobby Brown and Kelly Marie Tran from Star Wars and both of them quit social media because of bullying and harassment and it really bothered me because somebody has to say something!” Raini added. “I’m not some HUGE star to say, ‘Every bully in the world stop!’”

“But for the people who are doing something to me, I said, ‘Stop! You do not have control over me and my thoughts and my positivity that I choose to spread. So I’m going to take this and make it a positive thing and continue posting what I want to post and living my best life and spreading my positivity to whoever likes to receive it because I’m not going to live my life according to you.’”

She continued, “When I saw that other people were letting it affect them, I understand it’s so hard. Especially when they make you feel like it’s all of them against you, one person against the entire Internet. That can be scary until you see people saying, ‘I support you, I love you, you’re amazing’ in your own support system, then you feel like you can conquer anything and you really can! You can’t let other people have the ability to control your life because it’s your life. You have to be who you want to be!”

Raini also spoke to us about how cyberbullying is taking over the internet and her advice for those affected by it.

Click inside to see what she said! More Here! »

Meet 'Turnt' Star Jayna Sweet with 10 Fun Facts!

Meet 'Turnt' Star Jayna Sweet with 10 Fun Facts!

Meet Jayna Sweet, the breakout star of Facebook’s new series, Turnt!

The young actress, who you might recognize from Lemonade Mouth, stars as Natalie in the new Facebook show.

Turnt centers on a group of friends, who try to navigate the travails of high school after a scandalous hookup leads to bad trips, budding romance, and secret sex.

The series premiered earlier this month, and continues to premiere three episodes every week.

Learn more about Jayna with 10 Fun Facts below!

  • I will eat ANY vegetable, but I don’t like very much fruit.
  • As a little kid, it was one of my biggest dreams to become a spy.
  • I can quote almost every line in She’s the Man right on cue.
  • I haven’t had meat in over seven years – and have been vegan for almost two.
  • My friends and I used to write plays and perform them for our parents at sleepovers.
  • I love anything lavender – lavender lattes, lavender cookies, lavender salt, lavender oil…If it has lavender in it, I want it!
  • When I was 13, I served at an orphanage in Kenya where I taught in their school.
  • When I was 8, I rode a zip line in Alaska with a broken arm.
  • I love coffee. My go-to order is an iced hazelnut soy latte.
  • I seriously love Alice in Wonderland. I’ve read “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland”/”Alice Through the Looking Glass” multiple times and collect different editions of the book. My favorite film version is the 1999 television movie directed by Nick Willing.
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AJ Mitchell Is Girl Crazy in 'Girls' Music Video - Watch!

AJ Mitchell Is Girl Crazy in 'Girls' Music Video - Watch!

AJ Mitchell is going girl crazy in the “Girls” music video, and you can watch it right here!

The 17-year-old Illinois-bred rising star released the visual for his latest track on Thursday (August 16), which is also featured on his debut EP, Hopeful.

“I want people to dance and be able to relate to my music. Girls give me a lot to write about,” AJ says of “Girls.”

AJ, who just inked a deal with Epic Records earlier this year, is set to perform at Arthur Ashe’s Kids Day on August 25 at the USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center in flushing, New York.

“I guess being Hopeful has kind of been an idea in my whole journey in music so far. I started to notice my friends are all pursuing dreams; acting, singing, dancing, politics, doing stuff on social media. Kids are having a voice and people are paying attention. And well…I think it started as hoping people would be into the covers I was posting. Then I was Hopeful that people would like my music, come see me play live, and sing along to my lyrics. Putting out this music is something I’ve been Hopeful about for a while. I’m just so excited to share it with my fans and everyone,” he says.

AJ also recently posed for a RAW shoot and discussed his music career and played RAW’s Word Play. Check it out!

Watch the music video for “Girls” below!

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Asher Angel's 'Chemistry' Music Video Was Inspired By Michael Jackson!

Asher Angel's 'Chemistry' Music Video Was Inspired By Michael Jackson!

Asher Angel‘s new music video for “Chemistry” was inspired by the King of Pop himself – Michael Jackson!

The director of Asher‘s video, Nayip Ramos, exclusively spilled about how he came up with the concept for the vid.

“I was a huge fan of Michael Jackson music videos as a kid. I wanted to do a cross between ‘The Way You Make Me Feel’ and ‘Smooth Criminal,’” Nayip explained to JJJ.

He added, “Asher also has this great timeless value to him. Like a young Leonardo DiCaprio in The Great Gatsby. So I wanted to make something that felt fresh and hip but also timeless like the 1920s.”

Make sure to check out Asher‘s entire music video, which just hit 1 million views!

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