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New DWTS Pro Alan Bersten Loves Knowing Useless Facts (Exclusive)

New DWTS Pro Alan Bersten Loves Knowing Useless Facts (Exclusive)

The moment we heard that Alan Bersten was going to be a pro on Dancing With the Stars this season, we were so excited!

Now, the new pro will actually be blogging for our sister site, JustJared.com!

It sounds like he and partner Debbie Gibson are off to an amazing start too.

“If there was one word to describe our partnership, it would be joy!” Alan tells JJJ. “We both have so much fun when we are together. I am very nurturing and supportive when I teach, but I can also be very strict, especially when we have a deadline.

He adds, “You can expect to see beautiful, inspirational, and exciting dances from Debbie and me on this season of Dancing With the Stars. I can’t wait for everyone to see what we’ve been working on.”

Check out 10 Fun Facts about Alan below!

  • I love to do karaoke even though I can’t carry a tune. Hopefully Debbie can teach me how to sing a little bit!
  • I love knowing useless facts. Did you know that on the back of a $5 bill you can see 26 states that are listed on the top of the Lincoln Memorial? Check it out!
  • One of my favorite radio stations is Seriously Sinatra. If I could go back in time I would travel to the 1960s and be in the Rat Pack. (I still wouldn’t be able to sing, but maybe they needed a dancer?)
  • Dancing wasn’t big where I grew up in Minnesota, but my parents opened a dance studio for my siblings and I to learn at because they really wanted us to dance. My brother now owns the studio. It’s called “Dance With Us America” and I teach there whenever I go home.
  • No matter how healthy I try to eat, if I see gummy bears, you better believe I’m going to eat them all.

Want to see the other five? Head to JustJared.com

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Netflix's 'Alexa & Katie' Adds Iman Benson (Exclusive)

Netflix's 'Alexa & Katie' Adds Iman Benson (Exclusive)

Congrats are in order for Iman Benson!

The former Uncle Buck star will be starring in Netflix’s Alexa & Katie, JustJaredJr.com can exclusively confirm.

Iman will play the recurring role of Reagan, a friend and classmate of Alexa and Katie at school.

Alexa & Katie, which premieres next year, is about two lifelong best friends Alexa (Paris Berelc) and Katie (Isabel May), who are eagerly anticipating the start of their freshman year of high school.

The friends confront a crisis that leaves them feeling like outsiders at a time when what seems to matter most is fitting in.

Iman is repped by CESD and Primary Wave.

Singer Sydney Alton Debuts 'Up For Air' - Listen Now! (Exclusive)

Singer Sydney Alton Debuts 'Up For Air' - Listen Now! (Exclusive)

Sydney Alton is about to blow you away with her brand new single, “Up For Air”, premiering exclusively on JustJaredJr.com.

The Michigan-born singer/songwriter says that the track “is really about being let down by someone you trusted but not letting them get you down, so you can rise above everything they put you through.”

Sydney adds that she hopes her song, and her music, is inspiring to others.

“I hope they can connect to the lyrics and the message,” she says. “That way, I can help them in their own lives and show them that they’re not alone.”

Listen to the song below right now and grab on iTunes now!

Up For Air – By Sydney Alton by Sydney Alton

Stream Up For Air – By Sydney Alton by Sydney Alton from desktop or your mobile device

Musician Cody Johns Dishes 10 Fun Facts Before Dropping New Single This Week (Exclusive)

Musician Cody Johns Dishes 10 Fun Facts Before Dropping New Single This Week (Exclusive)

Cody Johns is giving us new music this week and we are majorly excited!

The musician and actor teased fans last week with a simple tweet: “new music next week”.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Cody Johns

Cody added in another tweet about his most recent single ‘There You Are’: “[It] has 200,000 plays on Spotify and almost the same on YouTube. Thank you all for listening. Hope you love this next one as much!”

We know we will!

Until it drops later this week, check out JJJ‘s 10 Fun Facts about Cody below!

  • I was featured in Hulu’s Dimension 404 and Dreamwork’s I Am Number Four
  • I have a dog named Grover
  • I play ultimate Frisbee
  • I can do a backflip
  • I did a show with my brother Marcus Johns called “Hey USA X”
  • I love Krispy Kreme doughnuts
  • I raise chickens
  • I have new music coming very soon
  • I can play the guitar the piano
  • My favorite food is Cuban food but mostly anything my wife cooks

Claudia Lee & Audrey Whitby Do a Trust Exercise In First Look For 'In The Vault' (Exclusive)

Claudia Lee & Audrey Whitby Do a Trust Exercise In First Look For 'In The Vault' (Exclusive)

Claudia Lee and Audrey Whitby seem like the bestest of friends in this first look clip from their new Complex Networks show, In The Vault.

The new series is set on the fictional Woodlawn College campus one month into freshman year and focuses on dorm hallmates who come to suspect one another of murder after a fellow student is killed at a party.

Every student has secrets that may or may not serve as a motive, and none are safe from the other’s suspicions.

Timothy Granaderos, Caleb Castille, Taylor Gray, Julia Kelly, Sadie Schwolsky, Jac Bernhard, and So You Think You Can Dance star Paul Karmiryan also star in the show.

In The Vault will premiere on Wednesday, September 13th, with new episodes airing every Wednesday on go90.com or on the go90 app, available for iOS or Android.

Dana Spills On His Unexpected First Job & His Hidden Talent! (Exclusive)

Dana Spills On His Unexpected First Job & His Hidden Talent! (Exclusive)

You may recognize Dana from his old band IM5 but since the group went their separate ways, he’s launched a solo career!

The 19-year-old singer released his single “Let You Decide” ft. Harv earlier this summer along with an epic music video choreographed the Purpose Tour’s creative director, Nick DeMoura.

Dana took some time to chat with JJJ so we could get to know a little more about him before he releases more music!

He spilled on everything from his first job to his hidden talent to what he’s super passionate about.

Check out all that he had to share below…

1. My first job was dancing in the Hannah Montana movie during the Hoedown Throwdown
2. I have a small studio in my room to come up with ideas
3. I bust out into tiny skits with my array of, made up on the spot characters

Click inside to read all of our Fun Facts about Dana…
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'MECH-X4' Stars Reveal Top 5 Favorite Moments From First Episodes of Season Two! (Exclusive)

'MECH-X4' Stars Reveal Top 5 Favorite Moments From First Episodes of Season Two! (Exclusive)

MECH-X4 is officially back!

Season two of the hit Disney XD show premiered today with five (yes, FIVE!) back-to-back episodes, and we were so excited, we obviously had to find out what the cast’s favorite moments were.

Nathaniel Potvin, Kamran Lucas, Pearce Joza, Raymond Cham Jr., and Alyssa Jirrels all dished on one scene that was most memorable for them.

Nathaniel started off, “When Harris is working on MECH-X4 and upgrades the robot with disco mode. Super funny stuff!”

“One of my favorite moments in the first five episodes is in episode one, when Mark faces off with his high school rival,” Raymond added. “The scene took forever to shoot because we couldn’t stop laughing.”

“Remember that red hand made of ooze at the end of season one?” Pearce chimed in. “Well, with shattering glass… we’ll find out who that is!”

Kamran answered, “In the first episode, when the group sees their first monster in a while. They’re scared, but have a sense of excitement and adventure because they realize that they are back in the game and ready to fight some monsters.”

Newcomer Alyssa said, “One of my favorite moments is in the third episode. No spoilers buuut, there’s a GREAT scene in the computer lab with Spyder and Veracity when they’re… uhh, faced with some pretty crazy challenges.”

Tell JJJ: What was YOUR favorite moment from the first five episodes?

Watch our exclusive clip from the very first episode of season two below if you missed it!

MECH-X4 “Versus The New Evil” Clip 2

'Raven's Home' Star Navia Robinson Offers Advice To Fans Who Fear Dancing In Front of Others

'Raven's Home' Star Navia Robinson Offers Advice To Fans Who Fear Dancing In Front of Others

It’s Nia’s first dance tonight on Raven’s Home — and she’s really excited, until she’s not.

Turns out that Nia (played by Navia Robinson), doesn’t love dancing in front of other people, and many people are the same way.

However, Navia has some pretty sound advice in conquering your fears about this.

“Whether it’s getting over a fear of dancing or anything else, I always find comfort in a friend or family member,” Navia tells JJJ. “Sometimes it’s hard to overcome obstacles by yourself, and it’s okay to ask for help.”

She adds, “Nowadays, there is so much pressure to be perfect or to not have flaws, so you have to cancel out the negative voices you hear and instead fill your head with your own motivations and positivity.”

“It can be dancing or anything else at all, just remember that you’re you and no one else is….That is powerful enough to conquer any fear.”

Tonight’s episode also focuses on how Raven is overcompensating, for fear that she’s not spending enough time with her kids.

This is something to definitely remember and give your parents a shout out once in a while, too, Navia says.

“It’s often difficult to remember all of the things that your mom or dad has to juggle on a daily basis. Their profession, housework, taking care of the family, etc,” she shares.

“I believe this episode is a great reminder that parents balance a lot and have a huge effect on our everyday lives,” Navia told us. “My mom is A-MAZING at multi-tasking and keeping up with the variety of things that me and my family have to do daily, which I appreciate so very much!”

“Dancing Tween” airs TONIGHT @ 8PM ET/PT on Disney Channel.