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'Frozen 2' Won't Be Set in Arendelle

'Frozen 2' Won't Be Set in Arendelle

We finally have new info about the upcoming sequel for Frozen!

Speaking with Variety, co-director Jennifer Lee revealed that the film, centering on royal sisters Queen Elsa and Princess Anna, will be “bigger, more epic” than the first, and that they’re leaving Arendelle behind: “[The characters] going to go far out of Arendelle.”

In addition to leaving the kingdom behind, Frozen 2 also has four confirmed songs, and one, written by Robert Lopez and Kristen Anderson-Lopez, that’s an evolution from “Let It Go”.

“It’s its own song…Bobby and Kristen just delivered it three weeks ago,” Jennifer shared. “We’ve been working with them for two years and this song just came in and I love it.”

Frozen 2 will open in theaters on November 22nd, 2019.

The 'Let It Go' Costume Change in Broadway's 'Frozen' Is So Cool - Watch Now!

The 'Let It Go' Costume Change in Broadway's 'Frozen' Is So Cool - Watch Now!

A little bit of Disney magic is being revealed to the audiences at home thanks to this filmed performance from Broadway’s Frozen!

Thanks to The View, we have a full video of Caissie Levy (as Queen Elsa) performing “Let It Go” on Broadway. Make sure to catch Elsa’s super quick costume change near the end of the song, it’s so cool!

On Good Morning America this week, Caissie and co-star Patti Murin performed “For the First Time in Forever” live from the St. James Theatre.

Watch both videos below!

Frozen The Broadway Musical’s Caissie Levy Performs ‘Let It Go’

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Stephen Amell Had The Greatest Thing Happen at 'Frozen On Broadway'

Stephen Amell Had The Greatest Thing Happen at 'Frozen On Broadway'

Stephen Amell and his wife Cassandra took their daughter Mavi to see Frozen on Broadway!

The Arrow actor of course documented the night on Twitter and shared one especially cool moment for him.

“This photo of my daughter telling Anna and Elsa that I’m the Green Arrow is the best thing that has ever happened to me,” he wrote.

was able to score tickets through his pal and former Arrow co-star Colin Donnell, whose wife Patti Murin stars in the show as Anna.

In case you missed it, see how Stephen said he wants the writers to write the show.

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Demi Lovato's 'Let It Go' Lives On in Broadway's 'Frozen'

Demi Lovato's 'Let It Go' Lives On in Broadway's 'Frozen'

The Broadway musical Frozen dropped a cast recording this weekend and we finally get to listen to all of the new music!

When the film version of Frozen was released in 2013, Demi Lovato recorded the pop version of Elsa’s song “Let It Go” and it featured an extra verse not heard in the movie.

“Standing frozen in the life I’ve chosen / You won’t find me, the past is so behind me / Buried in the snow,” Demi sings during the bridge of the song.

Now, Caissie Levy sings a version of that bridge while playing Elsa on Broadway. During the “For the First Time in Forever” reprise in act two, Elsa sings, “Standing frozen in this life I’ve chosen / Please don’t find me, the past is on behind me / Leave me in the snow / Let me go.”

Listen to both songs below!

Listen to 'Frozen' on Broadway's New Album!

Listen to 'Frozen' on Broadway's New Album!

A whole new cast of actors is singing all of the songs from Frozen, plus some original ones you probably haven’t heard yet!

The cast of Disney’s new Broadway musical just released the Official Broadway Cast Recording (OBCR) and you can listen to it here.

The Broadway cast features Caissie Levy as Elsa, Patti Murin as Anna, Jelani Alladin as Kristoff, John Riddle as Hans, and Greg Hildreth as Olaf.

The musical is currently running on Broadway and the sold-out audiences will help it stay there for years. Download the album now on iTunes and stream below from Spotify.

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