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Mira, Royal Detective's Leela Ladnier Shares 10 Fun Facts & Dishes On Upcoming Diwali Episode (Exclusive)

Mira, Royal Detective's Leela Ladnier Shares 10 Fun Facts & Dishes On Upcoming Diwali Episode (Exclusive)

We’re getting to know the star of Mira, Royal Detective, Leela Ladnier with 10 Fun Facts and more!

The 17-year-old voices the titular character Mira in the Disney Junior series, which is inspired by the cultures and customs of India.

Leela opened up with JJJ about with us about voicing Mira, and she dished on the new episode which revolves around Diwali, which is a five-day festival of lights, celebrated by millions of Hindus, Sikhs and Jains across the world. It’s a festival of new beginnings and the triumph of good over evil, and light over darkness, and for some, coincides with harvest and new year celebrations.

In the upcoming episode, “The Great Diwali Mystery,” Mira must track down the missing oil used to light traditional lamps throughout the town in order to save the Diwali celebration.

“Mira and her friends solve an exciting case as they learn more about how special Diwali is and learn how important it is to cherish family and friends,” Leela told JJJ. “The episode is one of my favorites, because it portrays the bright colors, beautiful music, and amazing traditions of Indian culture!”

We also have an exclusive clip from the episode, where Mira sings about Diwali. Check it out right here!

Tune in to Mira, Royal Detective on Friday (November 6) at 8:30am ET/PT on Disney Channel.

‘Mira, Royal Detective’ Exclusive Clip

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'Toy Story 4's Ally Maki Reveals How She Landed Her Role In The New Movie

'Toy Story 4's Ally Maki Reveals How She Landed Her Role In The New Movie

Ally Maki‘s brand new movie, Toy Story 4, is about to hit theaters and we can not wait to see her on the big screen as Office Giggle McDimples!

The talented actress, who you might recognize from Marvel’s Cloak and Dagger, opened up to Para Todos about joining the film franchise. Check it out:

On how does this project stands apart from everything else: “I think this one in particular, is so important to me because I was such a fan of the films. These were the films of my childhood. I was 9 when the first film came out and it has been a part of my entire life. Not only to be an actress in the film but to be a fan of the film and to be in one, is just the ultimate culmination of all of my dreams coming true. It’s really a cool feeling. To have kept to myself for the last three years because of NDA’s and having to keep it all secret, I felt like I had this really special imaginary friend for three years that only I knew about with Giggle McDimples. All of a sudden, one day I woke up and she was on every billboard and every bus stop station and it was when my character finally came to life for me and everyone is getting to know her and love her, it’s just the craziest feeling.”

On how she actually landed the role: “I actually got a letter from them! I just got this letter from Pixar that said ‘Dear Ms. Maki, we want you to be in the film,’ and I thought to myself how amazing it would be to simply have a few lines in the film, but over the last three years the part kept growing and growing, I still can’t believe it!”

On what she enjoyed the most about working on this project: “Honestly, I loved it so much. You go into it, and you’re given nothing beforehand, so you have about a 30-second window to make a choice when you’re in the recording booth. I think that is what I enjoyed the most because I went back to the root of why I loved performing in the first place. It’s 100% imagination based, and you’re going off of your truest intuition and that’s what I enjoyed so much about the process. It was also fun when they would say ‘go to a level ten’ and I would say ‘Really?’, and then they would ask me to go to a level twelve. This is the only job in the world that I am allowed to go to a level twelve.”

On being part of the Disney family: “I honestly feel so lucky because I am such a fan of the message and motto that Disney and Pixar emote in every way. Everything about them is love and family and creating good inspirational content, and that is what it is all about. To be raised on all those messages was very important to my upbringing. I remember watching Mulan as a child and telling myself “maybe I can be powerful”. To be raised with all these powerful role models and to now be a part of this property, is mind-blowing to me.”

JJJ has been a huge fan of Ally for years – she was even one of the first ever celebs to participate in our JJJ Portrait Sessions!

Toy Story 4 opens in theaters TONIGHT, June 21st.

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Shadowhunters' Jade Hassouné Releases His First Official Single, 'Insta Story' - Listen Now on JJJ!

Shadowhunters' Jade Hassouné Releases His First Official Single, 'Insta Story' - Listen Now on JJJ! is completely in love with Jade Hassoune‘s debut single, “Insta Story”!

The former Shadowhunters star, aka J4DE, picked JJJ to debut the new track, which needs to be on your playlist asap.

The song was inspired by what he was feeling and going through almost exactly a year ago, while returning from a meet-and-greet tour with a broken heart.

“I fell in love with someone on my travels. They didn’t love me back the same way,” J4DE says of the track’s true meaning. “Even though we spent many great days together sharing beautiful moments, and then I had to let them go as we were both going back to our countries.”

He continues, “The night I wrote ‘Insta Story’, I had decided that I was finally going to let go of them in my own heart because I couldn’t go on holding on to a past idea. But I didn’t want to do it in a resentful way, I wanted to stay in love and allow them to be who they are. Take my power back and let them go with love. But in order to let them go, I had to try and not think about the moments we spent together.”

“It is difficult however now with social media to try and forget someone, when they keep popping up in our feed/stories. So I made the decision that I would stop looking.”

J4DE‘s upcoming EP, Love Letter To A Fandom, will be released later this year.

Check out “Insta Story” below now!

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Brent Rivera Talks To JJJ About Being Part Of VidCon US 2019!

Brent Rivera Talks To JJJ About Being Part Of VidCon US 2019!

JJJ is so excited to announce the 2019 VidCon lineup!

The three day event will bring together all your fave creators including Brent Rivera, Colleen Ballinger, Alexis G. Zall, Trevor Moran, Guava Juice and Sofie Dossi.

Shalom Blac, Olga Kay, LDShadowLady, Motoki Maxted, Andrea Russett, The Crazy Gorilla, Louie’s Life, Thomas Sanders, Danny Gonzalez, Drew Gooden, Natalie Casanova (TheZombiUnicorn), Jibrizy, Jaz Saini and Harjit Bhandal (YouTwoTV), InquisitorMaster, and Rosy McMichael are also stepping out for the fun convention as Featured Creators, which runs from July 10th – July 13th in Anaheim, Calif.

VidCon gathers top digital creators, industry leaders, and fans for panel discussions, meet and greets, workshops and live performances and much more.

To grab your tickets, head to now!

JJJ even spoke to Brent about the event and what fans can expect at the convention this year.

“It’s definitely a cool time, there are always fun events and experiences to go to and great people to meet. It’s pretty much like the internet coming to life!” he told us.

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4th Ave Got Encouragement From Timbaland To Become A Band (Exclusive Interview)

4th Ave Got Encouragement From Timbaland To Become A Band (Exclusive Interview)

4th Ave is going to be the band that you’ll be obsessed with by the end of reading this new interview.

Made up of Mikey Jimenez, Jaden Gray, Cam Jackson, and Marcus Pendleton, the band chatted with JJJ about the latest music, what’s ahead and more.

“Timbaland came up to us and said, ‘Y’all need to be a group, you guys would be dope,’” the band recalls of what helped them decide to give the band a try after all competing on ABC’s Boy Band.

They continued, “While we were cautions to everything, trying to make sure we did the right steps for the future in our life, Timbaland was so adamant about us being a group. He saw an endless amount of potential in us, which provided a sense of encouragement to do this!”

Check out their latest single, “323-894-9108″, below!

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Laura Marano Reveals Her Heartbreak Really Shapes Her New Music

Laura Marano Reveals Her Heartbreak Really Shapes Her New Music

Laura Marano has gone moody with her new music.

The 22-year-old entertainer, who just debuted her brand new single “Me”, opened up to JJJ in an interview about her brand new sound and the meaning behind the track.

“It’s funny, it’s such a light, fun song, but honestly, it was kind of personal,” Laura says of the tune. “I wrote a group of songs about this specific person in my life, and this song was about such a specific time in this person’s and my life.”

“It was really fun to write, but I also had to explain this whole personal story to the other writers in the room, so that’s always a party.”

While this song is more upbeat, Laura says there are much more moody ones coming, and a heartbreak is to thank for the new sound.

“It shaped my music so much,” she says of that moment in her life. “My music is the most personal it’s ever been. Half the songs are really moody, and some of the best songs I’ve ever done.”

She continues, “They represent a way more vulnerable, confusing and emotional part of my life. The other half, like Me, are really fun and represent the other part of my life right now: being in love.”

Read more of our interview with Laura, where she opens up about perseverance and going independent HERE.

Laura Marano Opens Up On Perseverance & Going Independent With Her New Music

Laura Marano Opens Up On Perseverance & Going Independent With Her New Music

Laura Marano is finally back in the music business after a few frustrating years and trying to release new music.

Now, with brand new single “Me”, the 22-year-old entertainer is taking matters into her own hands and going independent.

“Being independent means being my own boss, so of course, there are so many benefits to that and quite a few cons as well,” she told JJJ in our exclusive chat with her. “It’s going to definitely be way more work.”

Laura adds, knowing that she has to “be very aware of the business side of things, which definitely sometimes gets in the way of the creative side.”

But then again, being independent means that “there are no label politics that are stopping me from releasing music, so I plan to be releasing a lot of songs that I have been working on for months. That fact makes me so ridiculously happy, it’s hard not to be excited about this new endeavor, even if it’s terrifying as well, especially on the financial side.”

Laura also talked with us about not giving up with her music, even though there were many who tried to tell her to do just that.

“I think a lot of people in my life assumed I would just give up, but it was never really an option for me,” she says. “I love music. So, so much. I honestly can’t picture my life without it.”

She adds, “It’s such a tough industry, and I don’t know what the future exactly holds, but I do know that I will always be creating music because it makes me so incredibly happy.”

As for her new single, “Me”, she just wants her fans to embrace it.

“I just want my fans to love it and make up their own stories to the song; but I also want them to get ready because a lot of my music sounds like this!”

Stay tuned for more from our chat with Laura!