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'13 Reasons Why' Author Explains Clay's Tape

'13 Reasons Why' Author Explains Clay's Tape

Do you still have a lot of questions after finishing your binge-watch of 13 Reasons Why? Don’t worry, us too.

The author of the novel the show is based upon is opening up about Clay’s tape in particular.

For example, why was Clay on the tapes and why is his the only one positive story?

“When I first started writing Clay’s character, I didn’t even know what he was going to do,” writer Jay Asher told EW. “I knew the 12 other reasons, but I didn’t know his. I realized, obviously, that that’s what people are going to be waiting for.”

He added, “One, if what he did was really bad, the second he got the tapes he would go, ‘I know I’m on here.’ There goes all the suspense. Clay is also the eyes and ears for the reader. That’s the person you’re connecting with. It would have totally changed the reading experience in a negative way if all of a sudden you’re disgusted with this person you’ve been following so closely.”

WHAT DID YOU THINK of Clay as a character?

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