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Chris Colfer Reflects On Standing In Lines For The Harry Potter Books

Chris Colfer Reflects On Standing In Lines For The Harry Potter Books

We’re all Harry Potter fans around here, and that means you have something in common with Chris Colfer, because he is a huge Potterhead.

The “Land of Stories” author recently dished about his days of standing in long lines and dressing up when each of the books were released in a CBC podcast.

“Those were some of the best memories of my childhood,” Chris says. “Looking back [though], I can’t believe that my mom would just drop me off in the middle of the night to wait in line with strangers. That’s crazy now that I think about it, but she knew I was among friends.”

Chris remembers standing in those lines with all his friends…sort of.

“I was with…I hate to say town regrets, but you know, nerds…we were all there together and there for one thing. We dressed up, we talked about that world and would pretend we were part of that world. It was a magical feeling.”

Chris says that the entire franchise and author J.K. Rowling were huge inspirations to him, too.

“A lot of authors who are in this position where they’re able to talk about works that inspire them, they whip out like Tolstoy and maybe some more impressive titles, but it ["Harry Potter"] was [mine]. It captured my attention in a way that had never been captured when I was a kid and the reason I learned how to read.”

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Aspiring Author 101: 'Always and Forever, Lara Jean' Novelist Jenny Han

Aspiring Author 101: 'Always and Forever, Lara Jean' Novelist Jenny Han

Do you have dreams of becoming a novelist? Aspiring Author 101 is a new feature on JustJaredJr.com where we dive into the nitty gritty of writing a novel with some of our favorite, successful YA authors.

Our next writer is the super talented Jenny Han, who recently released her highly-anticipated book Always and Forever, Lara Jean. (Get it now!)

It’s the third book in the popular To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before series.

You may also recognize Jenny for her The Summer I Turned Pretty and Burn for Burn trilogies too.

We sat down with her to get the goods on her writing process, her advice for aspiring authors, and more.

JJJ Aspiring Author 101 – Jenny Han

Hardcover, paperback or digital copies? I read books on my iPad when it’s not something I necessarily want to keep on my shelf. I like to buy hardcover, but I actually do like having a paperback version of it. If it’s something I love, I really like to have something I can carry around with me.

Favorite place to write? My favorite place to write is usually on a writing retreat. A couple times a year, friends of mine and I will rent a house somewhere beautiful, and write. We always pick a house that has a hot tub (laughs). It’s always nice to take a break and chat. It’s almost in that college mode. It can be a lot of fun. It’s also just that solitary pursuit.

Music or no music? For It’s Not Summer Without You, I was listening a lot to Taylor Swift‘s album…I think it may have been Fearless. There were a couple songs that really tapped into the pain of the story. You know that song ["The Way I Loved You"], I thought a lot about that song with Jeremiah and Belly. For me, it will help me to quickly get to an emotional place that I need to be in with certain songs. I always have playlists for whatever I’m working on.

Endings – happy, sad, or ambiguous? I like endings that leave the door open to other possibilities.

Best advice for someone who wants to write a novel someday? I always have a diary. Getting in the habit of writing in a very honest, truthful way where you don’t hold anything back, it helps you find your voice. That’s really the key thing for any writer. There are only so many stories in the world that exist. All stories are derivative of something else, but only you have had your experiences. Only you can bring that story out from your point of view. So I think it’s honing that.

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Chris Colfer Wrote Most of 'The Land of Stories' While on the 'Glee' Concert Tour

Chris Colfer Wrote Most of 'The Land of Stories' While on the 'Glee' Concert Tour

Chris Colfer‘s book series, “The Land of Stories“, will forever be one of JJJ‘s favorites.

With the sixth and final book of the series out now, the author is looking back on how the book was made and revealed in a new interview with CBC’s Q podcast that it was quite an interesting story in how he wrote it all.

“I was about 7,” Chris recalls about just when the idea came to him. “My younger sister had just been diagnosed with epilepsy, a very rare form where she had 50 of them an hour. As a way to escape what was going on, I would write.”

“I would daydream about these random adventures that I would rather be having then being stuck in a bad family situation,” he adds. “That’s when the book came to me, fully formed. [The books tell the same story] now, as when I was a kid.”

However, it took some years to actually write it all out — he was actually writing it while on the Glee Concert Tour!

“It was crazy,” Chris admits, but “I had a method. I had a hard time writing on the plane because it would shake and I couldn’t focus on the [computer] screen to write.”

“My method would be that we would see ‘Don’t Stop Believin’, I would run back and write a page; I would run back on stage to sing ‘I Wanna Hold Your Hand’ and come back and write another page; then slap on a leotard for ‘Single Ladies’ and then run back and finish the page I was working on.”

What a crazy method! He laughs about it now, though.

“It was crazy, but it kept me on my toes.”

“The Land of Stories: Worlds Collide” is out on book shelves now.

Chris Colfer's 'The Land of Stories' Could Get A Prequel Series!

Chris Colfer's 'The Land of Stories' Could Get A Prequel Series!

Chris Colfer holds up the stack of books of his series, “The Land of Stories”, during his recent book signing in New York City.

The author and actor has just embarked on his book signing tour for the sixth installment of the series, “Worlds Collide”.

During one interview on his press tour, Chris revealed that a sequel or prequel series for the books isn’t out of the question at all.

“I might go back and do a prequel series about the twins’ grandmother when she was a young girl growing up,” Chris shared. “I can always do another spinoff of something or other.”

He adds, “Just because the series is over does not mean ‘The Land of Stories’ is over, and I can say that with confidence.”

Um, we will take 15 prequels and 67 sequels please. Thanks!

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Keegan Allen Announces Brand New Photo Book 'Hollywood'

Keegan Allen Announces Brand New Photo Book 'Hollywood'

You might’ve missed this, but we sure didn’t — Keegan Allen has another new photo book coming!

The Pretty Little Liars actor announced the news last night after the series finale of the show on Instagram.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Keegan Allen

“Finally, I can announce my NEXT PHOTOBOOK: ‘Hollywood’,” he wrote in the caption, holding a copy of the book.

Keegan adds that “This book took almost 5 years to shoot/create and I can’t wait for you to experience and explore it. #hollywoodbook.”

He also has another book, “life.love.beauty”, which came out in 2015.

John Green Announces Brand New Book 'Turtles All The Way Down' Coming in October

John Green Announces Brand New Book 'Turtles All The Way Down' Coming in October

We can not contain our excitement over the news that John Green has a new book coming out in October!

The author — who’s also behind “Looking For Alaska”, “Paper Towns” and “The Fault in Our Stars” — revealed that his brand new novel, “Turtles All The Way Down” will hit shelves this fall.

The book centers on 16-year-old Aza Holmes, a young woman looking for clues in the disappearance of a fugitive billionaire, while grappling with mental illness.

The story begins with a fugitive billionaire and a cash reward. It is about lifelong friendship, the intimacy of an unexpected reunion, Star Wars fan fiction, and tuatara. But at its heart is Aza Holmes, a young woman navigating daily existence within the ever-tightening spiral of her own thoughts.

“I’ve been working on ‘Turtles All the Way Down’ for years, and I’m so excited to share it with readers this October,” John shared in a statement.

“This is my first attempt to write directly about the kind of mental illness that has affected my life since childhood, so while the story is fictional, it is also quite personal.”

Chloe Lukasiak Debuts 'Girl On Pointe' Book Cover!

Chloe Lukasiak Debuts 'Girl On Pointe' Book Cover!

Chloe Lukasiak is on a roll with big announcements this week.

First it was her return to Dance Moms, and now, it’s her book cover!

Chloe teamed up with EW to reveal the first look at the cover for her upcoming book, “Girl on Pointe: Chloe’s Guide to Talking on the World”.

“It’s kind of an inspiration and advice book, so I think it’s for anyone who needs help, or wants to know they’re not alone in these teen years,” Chloe shared. “I give advice about how to get through a bad day or a bad week, and how I deal with that.”

The book, which is out in January next year, also features some of Chloe‘s short stories.

“The beginning of my sophomore year of high school, which I just finished, I took a creative writing class,” she says. “I wrote a bunch of short stories and poems — things I thought would just go to my teacher and that would be it. But I ended up wanting to put them in my book, so I did.”

Emma Watson Hides Copies of 'Handmaid's Tale' in Paris

Emma Watson Hides Copies of 'Handmaid's Tale' in Paris

Emma Watson is doing it again and becoming the best Fairy Godmother of Books!

The Beauty and the Beast actress and activist hit the streets of Paris, France today, hiding copies of Margaret Atwood‘s “The Handmaid’s Tale” throughout the city.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Emma Watson

The first time Emma did this was after the 2016 US Presidential Election. She hid copies of Maya Angelou‘s book Mom & Me & Mom on the NYC Subways.

The second time was during International Women’s Day this year. She hid even more feminist books around the Big Apple.

If you’re in Paris, be on the lookout!