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Bryce Hall & Josh Richards Launch New Energy Drink, Ani Energy

Bryce Hall & Josh Richards Launch New Energy Drink, Ani Energy

Bryce Hall and Josh Richards have teamed up for a new energy drink!

The TikTok stars are among a small group of people that have worked on bringing the new Ani Energy to life.

“So pumped to be able to share what we’ve been working on for so long with all of you! #AniAllDay For Monday mornings, and Friday nights,” Josh wrote on Instagram. Be sure to pre-order yours HERE!

“We wanted an awesome taste and a simple formulation for energy and focus – not one that would carpet bomb our brains with caffeine and other additives,” the Ani Energy website reads. “We spent months tasting and refining different versions of the product with that in mind. The formula we chose tastes amazing and works perfectly. We’re excited to finally release it to our friends!”

This isn’t the only exciting thing that Josh has going on. He recently signed a recording contract with Talent X/Warner Records.

Josh, along with Noah Beck and Griffin Johnson, has also joined the new app Triller, and Josh has even signed on as an investor and chief strategy officer for the app. Noah and Griffin will serve as equity shareholders and advisors.

In case you missed them, check out the pics of Bryce out with Addison Rae earlier this week!

Jaden Hossler & Josh Richards Are Taking Time Away From Sway House

Jaden Hossler & Josh Richards Are Taking Time Away From Sway House

Sway House is now down two members!

Over the weekend, Jaden Hossler and Josh Richards announced they were stepping away from the TikTok house to focus on their music.

“hello everyone please know how grateful i am for you all. music has saved my life, & i’m sure it has for many of you. with that, i have decided to dedicate my time & efforts to that side of my career. Josh & I have decided to take a hiatus from sway,” Jaden wrote on Twitter on Saturday (May 30). “we are excited for what’s to come, and thank you all for your support!”

“just to inform you Josh and I are very excited about the content we are about to bring to you guys! ALSO we are very hopeful and excited to use our platform to spread LOVE!” Jaden added.

“I would first like to express how important you guys are to me, you’ve all given me so much to be blessed for & a life that I’ve always dreamed of. With that, I have decided to focus on furthering my projects & ventures in the entrepreneurial, music, social media, and artistic industry. Jaden & I have decided to go on a hiatus from Sway. Love you all, and will always love my sway family,” Josh wrote on his account. “I have a lot of really big announcements coming soon that I’m excited to share with you. I am stoked for what’s to come for @jadenhossler and I.”

The news comes less than a week after Jaden and Bryce Hall were arrested over Memorial Day weekend during a road trip with the Sway House crew.