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Kenny Ortega Would 100% Return To Direct 'High School Musical 4'

Kenny Ortega Would 100% Return To Direct 'High School Musical 4'

We’ve talked about this before — High School Musical wouldn’t be anything if not for Kenny Ortega, and our #1 wish is for him to direct the much-talked about fourth movie in the franchise.

And guess what? He’s up for it!

“I would like to. I would like to be a part of it in any way that I can,” Kenny shared with People’s Choice. “I had the time of my life it started a whole new career for me.”

“If High School Musical 4 worked out with my schedule and Gary [Marsh] and the team request my involvement, I would be very, very open to it.”


Kenny also talked about just how much HSM meant to him, and kicked off this brand new career, which ultimately led him to Descendants.

“I’ve said this so many times, but I’m walking in my dreams,” he says. “I’m doing exactly what I’ve wanted to do, all my life. The last decade plus has been extraordinary and that I get to play with music and dance-driven storytelling, the Disney Channel has offered me a voice and an opportunity that is rare today.”


The 'HSM' & 'Descendants' Casts Are More Similar Than You Think They Are

The 'HSM' & 'Descendants' Casts Are More Similar Than You Think They Are

You wouldn’t think there would really be any similarities between Descendants and High School Musical — besides Kenny Ortega, of course — but there are.

In a new interview with People’s Choice, the famed director opened up about how the similarities aren’t in the story, but in the casts.

“I think both projects, the actors that we’ve selected to play these roles, have a deep connection with each other, they are family,” Kenny says. “There is a chemistry that they share and I think that comes across.”

He continues, “It’s something that lives underneath the dialog, underneath the music, underneath the dancing. You feel something when you look at these people together on a screen and I think that our fans connect with that. I think there’s where the similarities are.”

It’s magic!

“I also think the similarities also exist in the casting choices that we made…all of the actors that we cast in High School Musical share something in common with the cast of Descendants and Descendants 2,” Kenny adds. “That is their sincerity, their enthusiasm, and their desire to be there and to make it special.”

Giving us all the feels!

Descendants 2 premieres TONIGHT @ 8PM ET/PT on ABC, Disney Channel, Disney XD, Freeform and Lifetime.

Kenny Ortega Reflects On Impact of 'High School Musical' & 'Descendants'

Kenny Ortega Reflects On Impact of 'High School Musical' & 'Descendants'

Kenny Ortega will always be one of our favorites — not only is he behind Descendants, but he was also the director of all three High School Musical movies.

Looking back on the famed franchise, Kenny opened up about the impact of it on fans everywhere.

“I have great nieces & nephews & godchildren that are Descendants fans. This past Halloween, I had my nieces show up at my door dressed as Mal & Evie on Halloween,” Kenny remembers. “It’s wonderful.”

“[But even] better than that is all the fans around the world who have personally told me about how much Descendants and the High School Musical movies actually meant to them.”

Since it’s debt in 2006, the HSM movies have kicked off major careers for its’ six main stars.

“Thousands of young people have said ‘These movies were a big part of my childhood and they empowered me. And they gave me permission to go for the things that I wanted to go for. So thank you. Because I’m doing what I want to do in my life now. And you gave me permission to believe that that was possible,’” Kenny shares.

He continues, “That’s why we all work so hard on these TV movies. They really do have the ability to do more than entertain. They can get across so many great ideas. Like the empowerment of youth. And believing in one’s dreams. And accepting who you are and where you come from. Not being afraid to have a vision for yourself.”

Descendants 2 premieres Friday, July 21st.

Kenny Ortega Would Love To Have Vanessa Hudgens & Jonas Brothers in 'Descendants 3'

Kenny Ortega Would Love To Have Vanessa Hudgens & Jonas Brothers in 'Descendants 3'

Kenny Ortega is dream casting like a boss right now for Descendants 3!

Not that Descendants 3 is a thing yet…but director Kenny is already dream casting the movie, and reading our minds, because he wants to get Vanessa Hudgens, Miley Cyrus and the Jonas Brothers back at the channel.

“I would like Miley [Cyrus] to come back and I would like Vanessa [Hudgens] to come back,” he shared with People’s Choice. “How about the Jonas Brothers could all come back and be our Lost Boys?”

He adds, “I’m a big fan of so many of the artists that have come out of the channel and have gone on to have great careers, those that I’ve had an opportunity to work with and those that I haven’t had an opportunity to work with.”

Can we get Vanessa and Miley as Drizella and Anastasia? That would be our dream!

Descendants 2 premieres on Friday, July 21st.

Kenny Ortega Promises Much Bigger Performances for 'Descendants 2'

Kenny Ortega Promises Much Bigger Performances for 'Descendants 2'

With only a few more days until the premiere of Descendants 2, director Kenny Ortega is hyping up the DCOM sequel.

The biggest thing that you’ll see in the new movie, starring Dove Cameron, Sofia Carson and China Anne McClain, is bigger productions and performances.

“What with the music, the choreography, the visual effects, the physical size of this TV movie’s production design, all of the location work, this is certainly the biggest thing that I’ve ever done for television,” Kenny told Huffington Post in a new interview.

He adds, “What’s kind of ironic is that – because we knew what the fans would be expecting from ‘Descendants 2′ … Well, we obviously wanted to surprise them. Raise the bar a bit. But we never went into this Descendants follow-up saying that ‘It has to be bigger.’”

But that’s exactly what happened: “Over time – what with all of the different elements we play with here, water & weather, Descendants 2 did eventually get bigger.”

Click inside to see what Kenny shared about how the cast prepared for the big scenes… More Here! »

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