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Lili Reinhart Really Wants Betty To Wear Something Other Than Sweaters on 'Riverdale'

Lili Reinhart Really Wants Betty To Wear Something Other Than Sweaters on 'Riverdale'

Lili Reinhart‘s Betty Cooper on Riverdale is known for her sweater sets on the show — they’re chic and classic, but honestly, the actress would like to see Betty in something else every once in a while.

“You have no idea how many times I tried to get our show runners to let me wear something other than sweaters,” she joked while speaking with People about the classic style on the show.

She adds that even getting Betty to have her hair down is a battle.

“Or wearing something different – even a dress to school, how dare I?” Lili says. “But like Camila [Mendes] said, we go with a very consistent sort of feel and our show takes place in a very short amount of time, so if something is evolving in these characters’ lives it’s not gonna be an immediate change.”

“It’s something that is gonna happen slowly over time over the course of seasons, not from one episode to another.”

Camila likes how the show is true to the comics in terms of style.

“I mean I think there’s something to embrace about how consistent they [Betty and Veronica] are and I think that’s what brings it to the comic book world, because the characters are so set in stone,” she shared. “We definitely like to explore different facets of their personality, but at the end of the day ,what makes it so nostalgic is how true to themselves they are.”

Lili Reinhart Speaks Out About Comparing Women Online: 'It's Upsetting'

Lili Reinhart Speaks Out About Comparing Women Online: 'It's Upsetting'

During the mid-season finale of Riverdale, Lili Reinhart as Betty Cooper strips down to her lingerie for Jughead in a “Serpent Dance” — something that was supposed to make us all uncomfortable.

But what is really making us uncomfortable is the comparison between a model wearing the same lingerie to her character in a poll that’s going around the internet.

She doesn’t like it either.

“It’s disappointing,” Lili writes on her Tumblr about it. “This photo is being posted by fan accounts. The same fan accounts who love to talk about the amazing female friendships on the show, girl power, Veronica’s inspiring feminism, body positivity, etc. And that is the most hypocritical sh** I’ve ever seen.”

She continues, “This is a poll. A competition. A comparison of two bodies. It’s a feeding ground for comments of judgement and negativity.— ‘Betty is fat’ ‘that’s not flattering’ ‘the model looks way better.’…I do not have that model’s body. I’m fully aware of this. I don’t have a thigh gap.. a 24 inch waist.. toned arms or abs. I am not her. And how dare anyone assume that I should look like her.”

“And the people who are commenting on this photo and weighing in on this poll… are the ones who are comparing themselves to the model as well. It’s so easy to point out someone else’s ‘flaws’, isn’t it? Because it makes us feel better about ourselves and about our own insecurities.”

Lili goes on to say that this kind of poll has an impact on your mental health, too.

“It’s upsetting to see all these young women who proclaim to be feminists participate in something that represents the exact opposite. To them I say: You are the problem, don’t you get it? You are promoting the idea that this model is what all women should look like and that it’s not okay to look like anything else,” she continues. “This is why we have eating disorders. This is why young teens are suicidal about their body image. This is why people have body dysmorphic disorder. This is why there aren’t nearly enough plus size models in the industry.

“I hope that this makes you reconsider the next time you feel the need to comment on another woman’s weight or figure.”

Lili Reinhart Wasn't Going To Settle For Anything Less Than Her Dreams

Lili Reinhart Wasn't Going To Settle For Anything Less Than Her Dreams

Lili Reinhart is a winter floral beauty on the cover of Pulse Spikes‘ Winter 2018 issue.

In the glossy, the Riverdale star opens up about how she didn’t have a plan B in life and was dead set on becoming an actress.

“I spent most of my career not in LA, being in Ohio or North Carolina, trying to make my career work by doing self tapes at home with my mom,” Lili shares about where and how her career actually started. “People are always going to want to book someone that they see in the room versus a video taped audition.”

“So, I was struggling for a really long time trying to get work and feeling really discouraged by never booking anything and not making any money.”

Lili adds that after five months in Los Angeles, she was back at home — more to reinvent and rebuild her passion than anything else.

“I wanted rebuild myself, get back into my passion and grow more as an artist because that’s what I wanted to do,” she says. “So, I didn’t go to college because I didn’t want a plan B. I didn’t want to have something to fall back on. I didn’t want to settle for anything else.”

Read more of her interview at

Lili Reinhart Calls Cole Sprouse a 'Nugget' While Watching Old 'Friends' Reruns

Lili Reinhart Calls Cole Sprouse a 'Nugget' While Watching Old 'Friends' Reruns

Lili Reinhart and Cole Sprouse might never admit that they’re dating but that won’t stop us from squealing every time they do cute stuff.

Case in point: Lili calling Cole a “nugget” on social media while watching old re-runs of Friends.

The Riverdale actress shared her binge-watching rituals with fans on Instagram Stories over the weekend and just happened to run across a mini-Cole in a few of them.

If you don’t remember, Cole starred as Ross’s son, Ben, in the early seasons.

“Nugget to the highest degree,” Lili captioned the video of the show.

Say it with us now: CUTE. CUTE. CUTE. CUTE. CUTE.

Lili Reinhart Says KJ Apa Is Superhuman, Runs 'Extraordinarily Fast'

Lili Reinhart Says KJ Apa Is Superhuman, Runs 'Extraordinarily Fast'

If you saw last week’s episode of Riverdale, then you may have seen Lili Reinhart and KJ Apa running pretty fast.

The 21-year-old actress dished on filming the scene with her co-star and how she was shocked at herself.

“I was surprised by my stamina and how much I was able to run. But then you see K.J. rocketing past me!” Lili told Glamour.

K.J. is a superhuman. He can run really fast,” she added. “And I can run really fast—and I was running really fast—but then compared to K.J. I look like I’m going pretty slowly and am a wimp. K.J. is just extraordinarily fast. I’m not slow. So I want that on the record!”

Lili Reinhart & KJ Apa Dish About What Betty & Archie's Kiss in 'Riverdale' Really Means

Lili Reinhart & KJ Apa Dish About What Betty & Archie's Kiss in 'Riverdale' Really Means

During last night’s Riverdale midseason finale, Barchie fans got what they’ve been waiting for — a kiss!

Betty (Lili Reinhart) and Archie (KJ Apa) shared a sweet kiss in the car after solving the mystery around Black Hood — but what does it actually mean?

With Bughead over, is Varchie next? How are they going to explain this to Veronica and Jughead…or are they at all? What is going on?!

“I feel like there’s going to be a freak out, but I think they’re going to try and calm themselves down by saying it wasn’t really romantic and was kind of in the heat of the moment,” Lili told Glamour about how she thinks the fans will respond. “Like, it wasn’t premeditated.”

“It wasn’t really a romance that was building necessarily; it was just something that happened really quickly, and I think that’s what is going to keep the Bughead fans at ease.”

While she’s a pure Bughead shipper herself, that doesn’t mean Lili is counting Barchie out of the game either.

“There are people who do enjoy Betty and Archie together and are excited to see that relationship, so I’m happy for them,” she shared. “[At the same time,] I’m also kind of sad for the Bughead fans because they see this other coupling that they don’t like coming together.”

For KJ, he’s one of the ones who doesn’t pay attention to the ship fandoms all that much.

“I really don’t, to be honest,” he shared with ET. “I try not to look at that stuff. I just go with [the Riverdale scripts] one hundred percent.”

However, he does know that Bughead fans will be vocal about it: “I think the Bughead fans might not be happy,” he shared. “But if they’re confident Bughead fans, then they’ve got nothing to worry about.”

“The few Barchie fans that are out there will think that it’s pretty good, I guess.”

Riverdale will return on Wednesday, January 17, 2018.

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Betty's Serpent Dance on 'Riverdale' Was Supposed to Make You Uncomfortable

Betty's Serpent Dance on 'Riverdale' Was Supposed to Make You Uncomfortable

Last week, the internet exploded over Betty Cooper’s sexy serpent dance on Riverdale that resulted in a lot of jaws dropping, and Jughead breaking up with her.

The comments still haven’t stopped about the dance either — “Right on about that horribly uncomfortable Betty striptease. On what universe did the writers think that was OK? So wrong on so many levels” and “I skipped Betty’s whole striptease cuz it was uncomfortable af” were just some of the biggest feelings about it.

But that was the point.

“People were very caught up with the fact that Betty is 16 and she’s dancing around all these men, but that’s the point,” Lili Reinhart told Glamour. “That scene was supposed to make you uncomfortable because you’re watching this girl do something completely out of her comfort zone for the man that she loves.”

“You’re watching her make a personal sacrifice, and that is the most important takeaway.”

Lili adds, “It only makes it harder to watch when they break up at the end of the episode because you know that she laid it all out on the line for him. He’s trying to protect her from that darkness, but she wants to be part of it.”

In tonight’s episode, fallout from Jughead’s encounter with Penny Peabody creates tension between him and FP. Meanwhile, Betty and Archie’s vow to take down the Black Hood once and for all leads to a dangerous showdown.

Riverdale airs TONIGHT @ 8PM ET/PT on The CW.

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'Riverdale' Cast Cameos In 'Tonight Show' Peanuts Parody

'Riverdale' Cast Cameos In 'Tonight Show' Peanuts Parody

KJ Apa, Lili Reinhart, and Madelaine Petsch look on at a school dance in this Riverdale parody for the Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

The Riverdale cast members were joined by Cole Sprouse and Camila Mendes in their cameo appearance.

Jimmy Fallon made a parody of their hit show using teenage Charlie Brown characters.

“What are they doing?” Lili asks. Madelaine retorts, “is that like dancing?”

“This is very weird,” Camila adds, before KJ chimes in, “it’s crazy, so crazy. I actually just wrote a song about it. You guys wanna hear it?”

“NO!” everyone else responds. Check it out below!

Peanuts (Riverdale Parody)