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Marie Lu Shares Adelina's Playlist From 'Young Elites' With JJJ Book Club (Exclusive)

Marie Lu Shares Adelina's Playlist From 'Young Elites' With JJJ Book Club (Exclusive)

Just last week, Marie Lu‘s “The Young Elites” came out in paperback and that just means there’s about a month left until “The Rose Society” comes out.

The JJJ Book Club may be just a little — well, way too excited about that, so we had to chat with Marie about the book series and we uncovered the playlist that inspired the books.

“These are all songs from my playlist for ‘The Young Elites’. But I like to think Adelina has these on her personal playlist, too. Her soundtrack for life, I suppose!” Marie dished to JJJ.

First song: “Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)” Remix by Emily Browning.

“This is the very first song I ever added to my playlist for The Young Elites. I’ve always liked the ominous lyrics of the original ‘Sweet Dreams,’ and even though I’m not the biggest Sucker Punch fan, I’m in love with this eerie remix. It’s so haunting and so perfect for Adelina,” Marie explained to us.

Most appropriate lyrics: “Some of them want to use you, Some of them want to get used by you, Some of them want to abuse you, Some of them want to be abused.”

Click inside for the rest of Marie‘s (and Adelina’s) “Young Elites” playlist… More Here! »

Read An Excerpt From Marie Lu's 'The Rose Society'!

Read An Excerpt From Marie Lu's 'The Rose Society'!

Is it October yet? Because the JJJ Book Club really, really, really wants to read Marie Lu‘s “The Rose Society” now!

Good thing we’ve got a little excerpt from the upcoming novel — the second in Ms. Lu’s “Young Elites” series — from MTV!

““’The Rose Society’ is definitely the darkest book I’ve ever written,” she dished. “We’ll see our villainess Adelina turning away from the path of righteousness to choose a path of destruction. There will also be new Elites as well as returning ones, new powers, new romantic tensions and a huge battle.”

Click inside to read the excerpt from “The Rose Society”… More Here! »

Read The First 50 Pages of Marie Lu's 'The Young Elites' NOW!

Read The First 50 Pages of Marie Lu's 'The Young Elites' NOW!

Who’s ready for author Marie Lu‘s next book series?

The JJJ Book Club definitely is, which is why we jumped out of our seats as she debuted the first 50 pages from the upcoming “The Young Elites”, which hits shelves on October 7th.

“‘The Young Elites’ is an origin story of a villain, and Adelina is essentially Darth Vader or Magneto as a teenage girl,” Marie shared with Nerdist. “I really wanted to explore what might turn a person to the dark side. Also, writing someone with twisted thoughts is pretty fun.”

Read the first 50 pages below with us and let us know what you think!

Marie Lu Debuts 'The Young Elites' Book Cover

Marie Lu Debuts 'The Young Elites' Book Cover

Talk about mysterious…Marie Lu‘s “The Young Elites” book cover was just released!

“Happy Thursday, guys!!! Look. Lookit. It’s the cover for THE YOUNG ELITES, my new novel which comes out on Oct. 7 of this year. Isn’t it amazing?” Ms. Lu posted on her Tumblr. “I love the ominous clouds. I love the big, bold letters. I love everything about it!”

“The Young Elites” is about Adelina Amouteru, a survivor of a blood plague who is distinctive thanks to a nasty scar and snow-white hair. She’s expelled from her family, yet Adelina finds a new home with the secret society of Young Elites. While some see them as heroes out to save innocents, to others they’re demonically powered monsters who need to be brought to justice — and Adelina may be the one girl who brings real chaos to a land full of magic and politics.

Ms. Lu told USA Today about the new novel, “It chronicles a good person’s downfall into becoming a villain, and I think this cover conveys that beautifully. The ominous clouds, the light vs. the dark, the dagger, and the bold title all work together so well. I’m in love with it.”