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'The Perfectionists' Creator I Marlene King Says Season 2 Could Bring In Original 'PLL' Characters

'The Perfectionists' Creator I Marlene King Says Season 2 Could Bring In Original 'PLL' Characters

The Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists aired last night and left us all with quite a few questions… and that cliffhanger?!

Creator and EP I Marlene King recently opened up about the possibility of a season two and maybe having more original Pretty Little Liars characters making appearances.

“The original PLLs have been so supportive of this show, not just the ladies but the men,” she told EW. “Tyler’s [Blackburn] been so supportive and Ian [Harding] and hopefully we’ll find a way to bring them in. Because they can come and visit our world and it will still feel like our world. Because it is the same universe.”

Marlene also dished on what she hoped to explore more in a second season.

“Unlike our Pretty Little Liars, the Perfectionists weren’t friends coming into this show, so we really had to spend the season crafting that friendship. Now we really get to explore the idea, which was the same on PLL, that ultimately this is a show about unconditional friendship and what that looks like,” she said. “We’re going to get to see more of what an unconditional friendship looks like when it’s really tested because they will be tested this next season. And hopefully, we’ll get more into Alison and all of their personal journeys. I want to get to know more about these characters now that we’ve gotten to know them a little bit. There’s still so much more to learn about them. And more about Nolan too!

Emison Is Possibly Still Endgame on 'The Perfectionists'

Emison Is Possibly Still Endgame on 'The Perfectionists'

Earlier this season on Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists, fans were dealt a huge blow with Emison as it was revealed that Alison and Emily were getting a divorce.

However, that might not be the end of their story, showrunner I. Marlene King says.

“I don’t think it’s the end of the story, and I think it’s possible that Emison is going to be endgame, but I think it’s only fair to Alison that she gets to go on a journey in this world and where she ends up,” she told EOnline ahead of the season finale tonight on Freeform.

She added, “I would say it’s still possible that she finds her way back to Emily in Rosewood, but she has to go on a journey first.”

Marlene added that although fans are still processing it, Alison now gets to go on her own journey without Emily and Shay Mitchell.

“We knew it was a bitter pill to swallow, but she couldn’t have a love interest that wasn’t on the show right now. It’s unfair to the character, really,” she continues. “So yeah, it was a necessary thing to do, and I know it’s heartbreaking for some fans, but I hope they open up their minds and their hearts to go on this ride with Alison, and know that they may live happily ever after in the end, or she may find somebody fans love even more than Emily.”

Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists airs on Freeform @ 8PM ET/PT tonight.

'Perfectionists' Showrunner Marlene King Sees The Series Going For A Long Time

'Perfectionists' Showrunner Marlene King Sees The Series Going For A Long Time

I. Marlene King has high hopes for The Perfectionists, the second spinoff series for Pretty Little Liars.

In a new interview with The Wrap, the showrunner is opening up about her big picture vision for the show.

“I think we have just a richness of opportunity in this new world,” Marlene says. “I don’t want to spoil anything, but there are so many great characters and such a rich woven story that there’s going to be tentacles from this first story that go one for a long time with plenty of twists and turns.

She continued, “With Pretty Little Liars, I thought that we’d be lucky to go for five seasons, so to get to go for seven, honestly, I just give so much credit to the fans and to the actors.”

Marlene even says that there could be more spinoffs in the future.

“I feel like there’s absolutely a world [where that’s possible],” she says. “There were all these meetings about ‘should it be Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists or PLL The Perfectionists‘ and then someone explained to me that if we want more to come, it should have a colon.”

“So we’re definitely open to expanding the universe. It’s so much fun to play in this world, so I’m always open to new ideas and new tentacles to explore.”

The Perfectionists airs Wednesdays on Freeform.

Sofia Carson Recalls the Moment She Found Out About 'Perfectionists' Casting

Sofia Carson Recalls the Moment She Found Out About 'Perfectionists' Casting

What happened the exact moment Sofia Carson found out she was the newest cast member of Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists?

The Descendants actress spilled during an interview with Freeform.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Sofia Carson

“I remember perfectly,” she shared. “It was a Tuesday afternoon. It was about 5 in the afternoon, and Marlene King calls my cell phone. And just at that fact I was already freaking out.”

“I answer the phone, and she goes, ‘Hi Sofia. Guess what?’” Sofia continued. “I’m like, ‘What?’ And she goes, ‘You are my newest Pretty Little Liar.’”

“My jaw literally dropped to the floor, and I was completely speechless,” Sofia added. “As the biggest fan of Marlene, of her work, and of the show, I was just mind blown and so honored and so excited.”

Check out the first images from the show here!

Marlene King Asked Twitter For Good News & It Delivered in Spades

Marlene King Asked Twitter For Good News & It Delivered in Spades

I. Marlene King is just looking for some positive things to think about!

The writer, director, and producer has been feeling a little down after the cancellation of one of her shows, Famous In Love, and looked to Twitter to pick her up.

“What is the best thing that happened to you today?” she tweeted out on Monday (July 2), and her followers really delivered!

One fan replied that they “Decided that I want to do mission work for the rest of my life because I love serving and helping others!” while another said, “I ate lunch with my husband, even if his work day was chaotic, it was the best 15 minutes of my day ❤️”

See more responses below!

I. Marlene King Wants To Find A Way to Continue 'Famous In Love', Teases Possible Podcast

I. Marlene King Wants To Find A Way to Continue 'Famous In Love', Teases Possible Podcast

I. Marlene King still wants to continue the stories in Famous In Love.

The creator/writer put up a good fight to keep the show going, but unfortunately, it was still cancelled.

“I am deeply grateful for the #FamousInLove cast, crew and our passionate fans. I could not be more saddened by today’s news. I love these characters and the wild ride they were taking us on,” Marlene wrote after the news. “Thank you @warnerbrosTV for fighting the good fight with me. We gave it our all. Keep #Raige in your hearts and they will live on.”

While the TV show may no longer be continuing, she knows just how the story would go on, and wants to find a way to tell how it all continued.

“S3 of #FamousInLove is totally mapped out. This was a blow so I need to catch my breath but I would love to find a way to share w fans. ❤️,” she replied to a fan on Twitter.

“We know season 3. Going to try to find a way to give all the answers to our fans. Maybe a podcast! #FamousInLove,” Marlene continued.

'The Perfectionists' Stars Wish Creator I. Marlene King 'Happy Birthday'

'The Perfectionists' Stars Wish Creator I. Marlene King 'Happy Birthday'

The Perfectionists are celebrating the ultimate perfectionist – I. Marlene King!

The stars of the new Pretty Little Liars spinoff – Sofia Carson, Janel Parrish, and Sydney Park – as well as a couple PLL stars, all took to social media to send the showrunner birthday wishes on her big day (May 22).

“Happy Birthday to our fearless leader, the brilliant, inspiring @imarleneking 🖤 Mar, I am honored to be your Ava. Here’s to so many more perfect adventures by your side… Love you always, Your Sofia,” Sofia wrote along with pictures.

“Happy Birthday to the incredible @imarleneking ❤️ You truly are a force and we are so lucky to have you as our fearless leader. Love you,” Janel captioned her own group photo.

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