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'Riverdale' Drops Full Soundtrack To Special Musical Episode - Listen & Download Here!

'Riverdale' Drops Full Soundtrack To Special Musical Episode - Listen & Download Here!

Did you love the musical numbers from last night’s Riverdale ep? Well, we have really good news for you – it’s now available for streaming!

The show just released the full soundtrack to all digital providers and if you need us, that’s where we’ll be.

“The opening number, ["In"], was shot over several days and involved all of the cast in different locations, so that one took a lot of organization and coordination over a few days,” showrunner Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa shared with ET about the challenges of filming a musical episode.

He adds that “A Night We’ll Never Forget” was also challenging.

“The scene when they’re all in the dressing room is one long take, and that was really difficult [to shoot]. The truth is they were all pretty difficult,” he says. “The ones where it was just a duet on stage were a little less challenging and those ones were a little bit easier to manage.”

'Riverdale's Black Hood Kills [SPOILER] During Musical Episode & He's Back & Angry!

'Riverdale's Black Hood Kills [SPOILER] During Musical Episode & He's Back & Angry!

Guess what? Black Hood is back on Riverdale!

We’re pretty sure that all of us could’ve guessed that, seeing as that “janitor was Black Hood” storyline was kind of weak – however, we would have never guessed that it would result in Midge (Emilija Baranac) being killed right on stage during the musical episode.

But what happens now? Black Hood is back and the next episodes are going to be the ones to watch.

“The first 9 episodes were very Black Hood heavy and, in the second half of the season, there have been other stories that have been at the forefront, but the Black Hood has sort of been bubbling underneath,” showrunner Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa dished to EW.

He adds that the “musical is pretty high stakes but for the four episodes after it, it’s kind of like your foot is on the accelerator and things are happening so fast. The Black Hood is back and angry.”

Emilija also opened up to Teen Vogue after Midge’s demise on stage.

“Everyone was sad to see that happen to Midge,” she shared about the plot twist. “I feel like Midge is a character that most people like. I hoped that Midge would’ve had a bit of an arc, especially after that episode where Kevin, Moose, and Midge have that really awkward conversation in the diner.”

She adds, “I was hoping that maybe Riverdale would get to explore that relationship. It’s sad for Midge, but it was what was right for the story.”

Stay tuned for more!

Riverdale airs Wednesdays on The CW.

Betty & Veronica's Tense Friendship To Be Resolved Through Song on 'Riverdale'

Betty & Veronica's Tense Friendship To Be Resolved Through Song on 'Riverdale'

Betty and Veronica are going to go back to being friends by the end of tonight’s Riverdale.

In the special musical episode, the two former BFFs, who are currently on the outs, are going to be back together, showrunner Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa says.

We took ‘You Shine’, which is traditionally a duet between the good girl and her boyfriend, and in the show we repurposed it to be a song about friendship between Betty and Veronica,” he shared with EW about it.

He adds, “We used that song to heal their estrangement and the tension between them.”

“You Shine” isn’t the only song that the show re-purposed: “We took another song that’s the gym teacher singing and comforting Carrie, and we gave that to Josie and Cheryl and also made it about their friendship and their coming together.”

“We found that the songs were universal, and they could help us tell the story.”

Riverdale‘s special musical episode airs TONIGHT @ 8PM ET/PT on The CW.

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Cole Sprouse Was Honestly The Least Excited About The 'Riverdale' Musical Episode

Cole Sprouse Was Honestly The Least Excited About The 'Riverdale' Musical Episode

We all know by now that Cole Sprouse will not be singing, or dancing in tomorrow’s musical episode of Riverdale.

We all know why too – he just doesn’t sing, and the rest of Cole‘s co-stars are laughing about it.

“There is someone who was definitely the least excited but I don’t want to throw him under the bus,” Casey Cott told Bustle in a new interview.

“The least excited about it was… Cole,” KJ Apa shared, laughing about it. “Definitely Cole. That’s probably the reason why he is not involved in the musical.”

Lili Reinhart adds that “Cole refuses to sing or dance…he immediately was horrified. But he’s not involved in the singing or dancing parts.”

“He just hates musicals,” Camila Mendes says. “But he doesn’t have to sing so it’s great. That worked out for him. I really like what they did with Jughead’s narrative in this, they fit him in to this very well because I don’t think it would be appropriate to make Jughead sing and dance. It wouldn’t be in character. He would not have done the musical.”

“Cole was just happy he didn’t have to dance, to be honest,” Madelaine Petsch shared about Cole‘s role in the episode.

What is that role? “He’s behind the camera for most of it,” Cole chimed in about just what Jughead is actually going to be doing.

“Then some of the shots you’ll be seeing from Jughead’s POV, where you see the shaky hands, the handheld camera footage, that is what Jughead is shooting. He’s more of an observer and fly on the wall for this episode, and Jughead’s narration isn’t in this one.”

Riverdale airs TOMORROW @ 8PM ET/PT on The CW.

KJ Apa Has a Dancing Alter Ego Who The 'Riverdale' Cast Named Fifi

KJ Apa Has a Dancing Alter Ego Who The 'Riverdale' Cast Named Fifi

KJ Apa is about to become our new favorite dancing sensation – at least, according to the Riverdale cast.

In a new interview with Bustle, Camila Mendes, Lili Reinhart and Casey Cott outed the 20-year-old actor with his over the top dancing skills that he puts on display in the upcoming musical episode.

“KJ is a great dancer. When we go out, KJ dances, he’s great. But this is a different kind of dancing,” Camila shared. “This is musical theater dancing and jazz hands [and] KJ fully embraced it.”

She adds that this whole new dancing side of him has earned a name – “Fiona — FiFi for short.”

“She comes out and she comes out hard. She goes in,” Cami added. “KJ went so all-out that he fell back on his chair.”

“[His dancing] really is something I never thought I needed until I saw it,” Casey shared.

Lili adds, “It’s like the most incredible thing you’ve ever seen, but it doesn’t surprise me, [because] KJ’s such a goofball and he doesn’t get to show that too much.”

Riverdale‘s musical episode will air next week on The CW.

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