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Fans Are Already Not Loving the 'Hunger Games' Prequel Series Based on President Snow

Fans Are Already Not Loving the 'Hunger Games' Prequel Series Based on President Snow

It doesn’t look like everyone’s loving the concept of the new Hunger Games prequel series.

The popular Suzanne Collins book franchise is getting a prequel series which revolves around the character President Snow, the president of Panem. It’s called The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes, and is due out in May. An excerpt was revealed on Tuesday (January 21).

The passage takes place 64 years before the events of The Hunger Games trilogy, in which he is an 18-year-old student mentoring a boy or girl who will fight in the games.

The excerpt was met with sharp criticism from fans online on social media.

“you’re telling me I waited YEARS for a new hunger games book just for it to be a president snow origin story,” one viral tweet read.

Suzanne Collins really made us watch as president snow killed off some of our favourite characters in the hunger games series and expect me to now read the back story of a man who I’m glad is dead,” another read.

“You mean to tell me … I’ve waited years and preordered the Hunger Games sequel for it to be a President Snow origin story … about a rich white boy becoming an authoritarian who loves *checks notes* genocide?” added another fan.

Click here to see the excerpt.

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'Hunger Games' Author Suzanne Collins Says Goodbye to the Series

'Hunger Games' Author Suzanne Collins Says Goodbye to the Series

With the release of the final movie in The Hunger Games franchise, author Suzanne Collins is saying goodbye to the series she wrote and turned into a worldwide phenomenon.

The author posted the goodbye letter in a blog post on Scholastic’s website.

“Having spent the last decade in Panem, it’s time to move on to other lands. But before I do, I’d like to say a tremendous thank you to everyone associated with the film franchise,” Suzanne wrote. “I’m thrilled with how this quartet of films, which I find both faithful to the books and innovative in its own right, has been brought to life on the screen.”

“There’s no Hunger Games without Katniss. I hoped for someone good enough, and I got someone who exceeded all my expectations. Jennifer Lawrence, your emotional depth, luminous presence, and sheer power carry this story and I will always be grateful to you for opening the door and allowing it to come into your life,” Suzanne said while thanking the star of the movie.

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