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Zoe Sugg Announces New Fiction Book Co-Authored With Amy McCulloch

Zoe Sugg Announces New Fiction Book Co-Authored With Amy McCulloch

Zoe Sugg has made a big announcement – she’s working on a new fiction book!

The YouTuber revealed the news in an Instagram post and went more in depth in a new video.

Zoe will be teaming up with author and editor Amy McCulloch, who she previously worked with for her “Girl Online” books, to co-write “The Magpie Society: One Of Sorrow”, the first book in their new series together.

Here’s a synopsis: Two girls, from completely different backgrounds, are reluctantly brought together when the death of a popular former student becomes the subject of a murder investigation. And not just with the police. As they find themselves drawn deeper into the mystery of her death, they uncover more secrets about the school they live in, and a shadowy society known as The Magpie Society. But is the Magpie Society a force for good? Or do they have more sinister intent?

“The Magpie Society: One For Sorrow” is currently available for pre-order and will hit store shelves on October 29th!

These 10 YouTube Couples Have Been Together 5+ Years!

These 10 YouTube Couples Have Been Together 5+ Years!

YouTube relationships have been quite a hot topic lately thanks to Tana Mongeau and Jake Paul.

Many people are speculating on whether the couple’s relationship is real or fake, even though they have insisted many times that it is in fact very real.

We thought we would showcase couples on YouTube that have been together for five or more years, proving that relationships can sustain on the social platform.

While there have been many famous YouTubers and their significant others that have split up after many years, or even just a short period of time, there are also quite a few who are going strong!

Click inside to see 10 YouTube couples who have been together for 5+ years…

Zoe Sugg aka Zoella Gushes Over Boyfriend Alfie Deyes In New Instagram Post

Zoe Sugg aka Zoella Gushes Over Boyfriend Alfie Deyes In New Instagram Post

Zoe Sugg is getting a bit romantic with a new post about her longtime boyfriend Alfie Deyes.

The 29-year-old YouTuber and beauty/lifestyle entrepreneur shared new pics with her man, and shared some funny tidbits about the photos as well as a super sweet message.

“I feel like this first photo really sums up mine & @alfiedeyes relationship. He is more adventurous & easy going than me, and I am someone who is usually very happy in my comfort zone. What started out as a ‘let’s just take a cute snap in front of the house’ turned out to be ‘you stand on that side of the bridge, and I’ll stand on this side’ to which I obviously said ‘ABSOLUTELY NOT, I WILL FALL IN THE FOOKIN MOAT!’… but here we are, standing either side of the bridge,” she started her post.

“I love how he always makes me see things a bit differently & makes me challenge myself (not just little things like this, but much bigger things across our *almost* 7 years together) I don’t know if I would be who I am today without him encouraging me to step out of my comfort zone every now and then & be a bit more care free. What does your partner bring out in you?” Zoe continued.

“And just to bring the cheesiness of this post back down, whilst taking the third photo @poppydeyes said ‘no, that doesn’t look cute, it looks like you’re just f–king on the bridge’ 😂😂😂,” she concluded.

Zoe and Alfie have been together since October 2012. They share an adorable pug together named Nala. The couple also share a home and an office space in the seaside town of Brighton, England.

Zoella Does Huge Holiday PO Box Haul!

Zoella Does Huge Holiday PO Box Haul!

Everyone loves a good Zoella PO Box unwrapping, right?!

The YouTuber had quite the amount of gifts in her mail for the holidays.

Some of the items that Zoe received were clothing, Fujifilm Instax cameras for her and her boyfriend Alfie Deyes, and makeup (obviously), including Kylie Jenner‘s holiday collection.

“All of this stuff goes to my PO Box which is where my management is. So that’s why it’s already opened and sorted through,” she says in the middle of sorting through the items.

Due to the overwhelming amount of products that she receives, Zoe also goes through and donates what she probably wouldn’t keep to charity, women’s shelters, schools, friends, and family.

VIDEO: Zoella & Boyfriend Alfie Deyes Sing Christmas Carol in New Vlogmas Vid!

VIDEO: Zoella & Boyfriend Alfie Deyes Sing Christmas Carol in New Vlogmas Vid!

This video is so super cute!

Zoella and boyfriend Alfie Deyes are singing a little Christmas carol in her newest video for Vlogmas 2016!

The YouTube starlet is, most definitely, the #1 star to follow on YouTube for Vlogmas updates. Every one of her videos so far have been so cool.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Zoella

In this video, Zoella and Alfie meet up with some friends for a night out on the town and after exchanging silly gifts, head to a karaoke bar.

You have to watch!


Zoella Named Sexiest Beauty Star By Victoria's Secret

Zoella Named Sexiest Beauty Star By Victoria's Secret

Zoella makes sure her hair is all good to go in her latest YouTube video.

The 25-year-old social starlet was just named to Victoria’s Secret “What is Sexy” list as Sexiest Beauty Star! How cool is that?

Earlier this week, Zoella was at the center of a trending topic on Twitter after posting a selfie of her in bed, which showed off just a bit of her Calvin Klein underwear.

Some websites turned the selfie around into a scandalous story, but her fans were quick to have her back, trending #WeStandWithZoe quickly.

“Bloody morons. Writing about my PJ’s when there are SERIOUS things happening all over the world. SMH,” Zoella wrote about one particular story.

Be sure to check out Zoella‘s latest video below!

Easter LUSH Haul | Zoella

Zoella Recalls Her Amazing 2015 In New Blog - Read Here!

Zoella Recalls Her Amazing 2015 In New Blog - Read Here!

Zoella is saying goodbye to 2015 in a big way — with a huge recap on her website!

“Another year has flown by and just like each year, I’m amazed at how quickly it’s gone! I honestly feel as though I’ve blinked and the whole thing just whizzed by like a film on fast forward. 2015 has seen many highlights along with a few challenges!” the 25-year-old social media star shared.

She continued, “I wanted to document these things here, mostly for myself but also as a nice recap for the blog, something a little bit more raw and “from the heart” shall we say. I did this back in 2012 and it’s one of those blog posts I love going back to read as a nice reminder of how much can change and how much I have grown as a person. I’m not very good at blowing my own trumpet, so excuse me whilst I cringe and dry heave at my keyboard for the next couple of hours! Haha.”

Zoella added later, “In 2016 I’ll be flushing out the people that don’t bring out the best in me or who have a negative effect on my life or wellbeing and focusing on those who make me laugh until my sides hurt. After all, life is too short for anything less.

“In a world that can seem so crazy, I just want to thank you. Thank you for always knowing, thank you for always offering your support, thank you for reading, for watching, for commenting, writing letters, meeting me, using my beauty products, reading my books, but most importantly thank you for accepting me for me.”

Read Zoe‘s entire blog on her official website now!

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