Josh Hutcherson: Werewolves Would Win Over Vampires

Josh Hutcherson: Werewolves Would Win Over Vampires

Josh Hutcherson recently caught up with J-14 mag to dish all about his upcoming flick, The Vampire’s Assistant, his friendship with Simon Curtis, Victoria Justice and Avan Jogia and playing the evil guy. Check out what the 17-year-old had to say:

On who would win the fight, werewolves or vampires: “I think that the werewolves would. Werewolves just seem so strong, big, and powerful. Vampires are really strong as well, but I think there’s something about a wolf, like the wolf integrity. I think they would prevail, unfortunately.”

On the fight scene between him and Chris Massoglia: “I literally have to throw him across the room because the vampires and vampaneze have super strength. I throw him and he lands in a pile of chairs and then I was like, ‘I’m sorry, I don’t really mean this,’ but you gotta do what you gotta do! It was fun playing the bad guy — you really get to let loose and just be mean and aggressive.”

On his character, Steve: “Steve is a vampaneze, which is basically an evil vampire. And the difference between the vampires and vampaneze is that the vampires live by a certain code — they can’t kill, they can’t do certain things, and they only drink blood to survive. But the vampaneze just do whatever they want. So my character is the reckless type and that was really fun to play. It’s definitely different than anything I’ve played before because I haven’t ever really got the chance to play the bad guy kind of role.”

On Twilight‘s Cullen family vs. The Vampaneze: “The Cullens are kind of shy and reserved and they don’t want anybody to know. But the vampaneze are out there like, “Aah! We’re vampires! We’re going to do whatever we want and drink everybody’s blood and go crazy!”

On his friendship with Simon, Avan and Victoria: “We actually love laying on the floor listening to old records. We have this rug in my house that’s the softest rug you’ve ever heard of. So we lay on that and listen to records that were handed down from my parents. I think we’re all just really compatible with each other and that makes for a really great friendship.”

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