The Summer Set: We're Into Country Music

The Summer Set: We're Into Country Music

JJJ was lucky enough to hang with The Summer Set before their show in Detroit, Mich., on Tuesday night (November 3) and we found out that they love local bands and even more, country music.

Brian Dales, Stephen Gomez, John Gomez and Jess Bowen dished to us that The Format (a local Arizona band which has since broken up) and Jimmy Eat World are some of their favorite bands.

Brian even revealed that he’s a huge fan of Bruce Springsteen. He shared, “He’s my favorite.”

The foursome also told us that they can’t get enough of country music. They shared, “Country music tells a story. They [the artists] actually say something. More songs need to be written like country songs are. That’s the point, if you’re going to write a song, say something.”

Stephen joked after, “Our whole next record should be written like a country album.”

Stay tuned for more bits on The Summer Set!

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