'The Originals' Scoop: 5 Spoilers from the Cast!

'The Originals' Scoop: 5 Spoilers from the Cast!

Are you excited for the upcoming Vampire Diaries spin-off The Originals?

JJJ recently caught up with the stars of the show at the CW upfront presentation in New York City, and we’ve got some exclusive scoop for you!

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The Originals follows the original vampire family of Klaus (Joseph Morgan), Elijah (Daniel Gillies), and Rebekah (Claire Holt) as they head to New Orleans for different reasons.

The series also stars Phoebe Tonkin, Charles Michael Davis, Leah Pipes, Daniella Pineda, and Danielle Campbell.

Click inside to get some scoop on The Originals from the stars themselves…

1. Witches’ Revenge:
“Klaus needs [Sophie]. She’s going to start practicing magic, which she hasn’t been able to do for the the longest time and I think I can protect myself. Witches aren’t nearly as powerful as vampires, but they are essential.” – Daniella Pineda

2. Power struggles:
“[Klaus and Marcel] are going to be butt heads, definitely. There’s that friction there. I just really want to see [Marcel] evolve. I want to see different sides of him open up. That’s definitely going to happen I think with how competitive and ambitious they both are.” – Charles Michael Davis

3. New friendships:
“I hope that Klaus gets Cami as a friend. Because Cami believes that everyone is truly good and I hope that Klaus has someone in his life that believes he’s a good person.” – Leah Pipes

4. Sibling rivalry:
“It’s just going to be that ultimate dynamic of Elijah in pursuit of making certain that the family is reinstated as they once were, which is sort of this pursuit of a fantasy, almost. And Klaus is a lot more malevolently in pursuit of power. It’s no less of a fantasy. And it’s sort of watching those two dynamics intersect.” – Daniel Gillies

“We ended the backdoor pilot in a good place, moving forward together, a tentative partnership between us. But as things complicate, as the series pans out, there’s room for throwing that up in the air. As far as the baby is concerned, I can’t imagine that we both have identical plans of how this child should be raised. So I imagine we’re going to have a conflict of interest.” – Joseph Morgan

5. More Surprises:
“I don’t think they know how it’s exactly going to play out either yet, so I think that’s what is going to keep it really fresh. But there are a lot of other surprises beside the baby. I think that’s really the cliffhanger, but it’s all going to be really exciting.” – Danielle Campbell

“I didn’t for the life of me see [the baby surprise] coming and I’m so happy with the potential it gives us for exploring these characters. The Originals have always revolved around this idea of family and I think the baby storyline really gives us a chance for that to escalate, way beyond what it would have done just keeping it the three of us.” – Joseph Morgan

Be sure to tune into The Originals this fall on Tuesday nights @ 8PM on The CW!

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