Could Big Time Rush Be Reuniting Soon? Kendall Schmidt Says...

Could Big Time Rush Be Reuniting Soon? Kendall Schmidt Says...

If this is really happening, then count us in!

Kendall Schmidt recently spoke to our pals at about Big Time Rush and the possibility of reuniting with his band mates — James Maslow, Carlos PenaVega and Logan Henderson — soon.

“Fans are expecting Logan and I to work together because we’re going to Italy to do some shows, but Big Time Rush has never broken up. We made it a point to do that. We didn’t want to be the guys who were like, ‘we’re done!’” he shared. “We’re a band. You’ll always be a band if you really care about the guys and are willing to work together, so I don’t see anything that would hold us back from working together again.”

Kendall continued, “Of course we talk about it and I think whenever it lines up with what everyone is doing, because we’re all so busy, I don’t see a reason why something special and fun wouldn’t happen. And I think fans would be excited about it. I think they should keep their hopes up because we’re not going to disappoint.”

“We all support each other,” Kendall added. “We knew coming into this that supporting each other on social networks was going to be a big deal. We even had conversations where we agreed that we’d always tweet each other’s stuff and take care of each other, and we have to this day.”

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