Young Hollywood Reacts To Donald Trump's Presidential Win on Social Media

Young Hollywood Reacts To Donald Trump's Presidential Win on Social Media

Young Hollywood is reacting to the news that Donald Trump will be our 45th President of the United States.

Sarah Hyland, Zendaya, Chloe Moretz, Jake Miller, Ryan McCartan, Rowan Blanchard, Leah Pipes and many, many more have reacted on social media to the news that broke their hearts.

Troian Bellisario writes on her Instagram: “I no longer know why I am watching the screen. I no longer know what the future holds. Everyone hold the ones you love close. And for those of you who have voted for him. Honestly, I just hope that you have seen something in your candidate that I do not. Something That is positive. That does love and support those of us who have been disenfranchised, who have been oppressed.”

“I hope that this does not mean the death of progress. I hope that this is does not hurt those who are a different sex, sexual orientation, race, and nation. Please. Please. Protect us. When you try to make America great again. Remember what has ALREADY made America great. Women and men. Immigrants. Refugees. Black. White. Hispanic. Asian. Gay. Straight. Bi. Transgender. Those in the room. And those currently on the outside. Remember us. And let us all take care of one another,” she continues.

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Here is what I have to say. Stand together. Stand strong.

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Reposting this. Couldn't have said it any better. #devastated

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we exist, we matter via @brielarson

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I've truthfully never been so scared about the future of our world. #stillwithher

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I love you @harinef I love all of us so much we will survive this I am so sorry

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The reality star is the reality…. #fact #brexit2.0

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100million %. This is what it truly means for LOVE to trump hate. Today has been emotionally taxing, to say the very least. I waited until the very last minute to vote. I knew Hillary would take CA, so my vote doesn't really count here anyway. The truth is, I've made far more change by signing #petitions on a regular basis. If you haven't signed up to receive emails from @moveon @sierraclub @greenpeace @changedotorg @world_wildlife and other organizations that fight for #progressive change on a daily basis, I strongly encourage you to do so right now. We don't have to wait every four years to exercise our voices. In fact, the more we STAY engaged, the more we read, the more we learn, the more we show up to city council meetings, the more knowledge we acquire, the more power we will have. I had a dream a few months ago that Hillary was president and we were in WWIII. I got the impression that I was serving in the military as musical entertainment. I was in a place where this trio of extraordinary musicians were playing a gorgeous symphony I'd never heard. Four other young women were in the room with us and all they could do was look at their phones and talk (loudly) about Justin Bieber and the Kardashians. I walked over to them and pointed to the trio as if to say "These people are bleeding their hearts out for you and all you can do is talk about fucking social media stars who don't give an actual fuck about you?" I walked away and, I don't think I've ever cried in a dream, but I started sobbing to the point where my dream actually slowed down – slow motion picture style. When fantasy trumps our respect for true beauty, we have lost ourselves. So this is what I encourage: Take in life more. Instead of diving into your phone the next grocery line you stand in, just look around and breathe. Smile at a stranger. Connect with people. Be more generous than you think you can be. Don't let the fear of other people's "power" rob you of your FREEDOM to be present in the moment. If we believe Love trumps hate, let's make it our mission to spread light and love to everyone we come across. The power is always ours ???? #Election2016 #ThisTooShallPass

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As most of you are feeling tonight I am scared. I feel betrayed. I feel utterly torn down by this country I love so much. I ask you how can this happen? I come from a history of my American family being interned during WWII by our OWN people. What the fuck did we learn from that? What the fuck did my grandma and thousands of other's sacrifice teach anyone? I was naive to think we've gotten anywhere because we are this close to having this happen again due to fear and ignorance. What are we teaching our children? My mom is an elementary school teacher and said a little 2nd grade boy in her class today was spewing hateful and almost abusive things to her about Trump. Where do you think he's learning that from? I'm losing hope. All I can think is to not let this destroy us, do not let this SILENCE you, do not let them ANGER you and make you turn on others. We will remain strong and we will rise. Nothing is stronger than love and good in this world I will never stop believing that. The minute you start hating is the moment they've won. Sit with someone you love and embrace and empower. Look someone in the eyes and say I get your struggle I didn't get it before but I get it now. Whether it be a mother who fears for her son's life everyday when he drives to school or the woman who's worked tirelessly just to prove herself in the slightest in a patriarchal society. Let's use this moment to learn so this never hope to god happens again. We will get there I have faith. That's the only goddamn thing I have left. Repost of a repost: @justincshipley

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