EXCLUSIVE: Meet JJJ's Musicians to Watch in 2017!


How he got his start: “Ever since I was a little kid, music was around the house. My whole family either sang or played an instrument. So I was just brought up in the environment, and was doing it ever since I can remember.”

His biggest influences: “One of my favorite musical influences is Justin Timberlake. I love what he was able to do throughout his career bouncing in and out of genres and shaped new sounds. As did Michael Jackson who is also a huge inspiration. I also loved the 90s RnB, Boys II Men, and Brian McKnight. They are the inspiration behind my vocal delivery.”

The story behind his song “Romantic”: “‘Romantic’ is my favorite song. It is just so genuine and pure. It talks about the magic a true love has over you. There’s times when things happened in a relationship, that you just can’t explain. That’s what the song ‘Romantic’ is about. ‘You make me want to do things I never seem to do, never said those three words but I say them to you…’

One thing new fans should know: “One thing new fans should know about me is that I’m absolutely crazy lol I always have so much energy!! I’m goofy, and make so many corny jokes. Oh and I love awkward moments.”

What’s coming up in 2017: “2017 is going to be a great year filled with new music and performing live. New visuals and creative collaborations.”

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