EXCLUSIVE: Meet JJJ's Musicians to Watch in 2017!

Alec Benjamin

How he got his start: “I got into music around my junior year in high school. I just fell into it, I suppose. I was never involved in any extracurricular activates and I was looking for something to do, so I picked up the guitar.”

His biggest influences: “My biggest musical inspirations are: Eminem, Paul Simon, Jason Mraz, John Mayer, Coldplay, Leonard Cohen… (my list could stretch into an eternity and back). I love all types of music but I am most inspired by people who can articulate a clear story line in their songs. These are the kinds of that can really take you on a journey.”

The story behind his song “I Built a Friend”: “My favorite song that I’ve written is called ‘I Built a Friend.’ It’s about a young boy who doesn’t have many friends. This boy builds a robot and they form a quick bond. As time goes on they boy and the robot grow apart. When the boy comes home after college graduation he finds his oldest friend dead on the table. The robot was so lonely when the boy was gone that he poured a glass of water on his head and short circuited his robot body :/”

One thing new fans should know: “I’m a kewl doood. I had a gecko when I was 6 named spot but I lost him. My favorite plant is a cactus. I am from Arizona. I don’t even like geckos. One time I ate a pizza with anchovies. I’m sitting at a desk right now trying to think of other things to say… but I can’t. ”

What’s coming up in 2017: “New music videos, a solo tour, and MORE MUZIKKKKKK.”

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