Dove Cameron Writes the Most Heartbreaking Touching Goodbyes to 'Liv & Maddie'

Dove Cameron waited for the West Coast airing of the Liv and Maddie series finale to write something to all the fans.

And it was definitely worth the wait.

Dove, with Emmy Buckner and Shelby Wulfert, played twins Liv and Maddie in the four-season long Disney Channel show and it was tough for all of us to say goodbye to both of them tonight.

Good thing that Dove had the best goodbye to get us through it all. Read her note below:

On Instagram, she poured her soul about all of the feelings she’s having tonight. “i feel heavy, & released from something silent, all at once. mostly lucky,” she wrote.

Click inside to read her entire, heartbreakingly touching note…

She posted this picture, along with the note below:

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“the finality of today is nothing short of overwhelming and extraordinary. the amount of gratitude, love and huge emotion that my heart carries and pumps through my entire body is not something i could have prepared for. i feel heavy, & released from something silent, all at once. mostly lucky.
this show, and all of the memories and people that it brought into my life, was so much more than just a show for me. it is my family. my growth, my pain, my childhood, my self discovery, my loss, my success, my joy, my whole heart, my human. if you are lucky enough to find something, some place, some one or a few someones that bring out the light in you, the human in you…hold it close, hold it gently, and open your full, unguarded heart to it.
i am blessed. i have lived a more human and elevated life because of this show. i don’t deserve the love, the acceptance and the support that have been given to me, and i will dedicate my life to giving that same sensation and freedom to others who’s lives i am lucky enough to touch.
thank you, to @disneychannel for trusting me with the insane opportunity and delicate challenge of playing two identical twin sisters as only one actress, and for pushing me to (what i thought were) my limits and beyond. especially you, Gary. but you know.
thank you, liv and maddie, for saving me and for so generously holding the space for me to become the human that i am. you were gentle and nurturing to a complex and intense girl, and you shielded me until i could stand on my own. you are the best thing that’s ever happened to me, and i do not feel worthy.
as far as speaking to that thing that we all know can never be put into words: we know. and we always will.
good bye liv and maddie. you have my heart.”

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