EXCLUSIVE: Singer Jordi Whitworth Tells JJJ 10 Fun Facts About Himself!

EXCLUSIVE: Singer Jordi Whitworth Tells JJJ 10 Fun Facts About Himself!

Trust us when we say you want to get to know upcoming talent Jordi Whitworth!

The 22-year-old British musician and model – who was previously in the X Factor group Overload – is set to begin the next chapter in his career as a solo artist.

“I am currently working on the second series of the new reality TV show, Stage School on E4 in the UK,” Jordi told JJJ. “When I’m not filming, I am in the studio working on some new content with some new and old covers plus completing my solo EP.”

“After having some issues with one of my tracks it took a little longer than expected to get everything out there for the fans to hear, but it’s going to be something that’s worth that wait and something we will all be happy with,” he added. “Apart from the music and acting, I have been focusing on expanding my modeling by partnering with some great brands and photographers in London and LA. I look forward to being back in the US next month and sharing everything I have been working on. I appreciate all of my fans have that have been on this journey with me, you mean the world to me.”

Check out 10 fun facts Jordi shared wit us:

1. Before I started pursuing music and modeling, I use to race motocross at a high level all over the United Kingdom.

2. I actually never considered music as a career before I was scouted for the boy band Overload. But once I started singing more, I couldn’t imagine myself doing anything else with my life.

3. At lot of my fans know me from my time on X-Factor UK with my band Overload Generation. One of my favorite moments from the show was when Cheryl Cole called me a stud muffin. It took me a little while before I realized she was even talking about me.

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4. When we started the live shows on X-Factor, Simon Cowell had requested to have my hair cut by the show’s stylist, but I refused. I didn’t want to be difficult, but before going into doing the show I told myself I didn’t want to change who I am because even small changes build to bigger ones and it is easy to lose yourself.

5. I am quite addicted to tattoos. My most recent tattoo is a piece on my forearm which resembles the All-Seeing Eye watching the anchor crashing into the sea.

6. My first modeling job was so embarrassing. I was a kid and they dressed me up in some horrendously bad outerwear and I’m clearly still traumatized.

7. The first acting job I ever did was on a BBC sitcom called Big School with David Williams and Catherine Tate. Since then, I also appeared in a few episodes of the British series, Stage School.

8. If you ask anyone in my life, they would tell you I have a shopping addiction� I just really like new trainers. I always try to go for something a little weird and different, rather than walking into Top Man and leaving with the same shirt five other guys just bought.

9. A lot of people don’t know this, but I am very superstitious. It is not the sort of thing where I think I have bad luck when I walk under a ladder or a black cat walks in front of me. When I have a negative thought come into my mind, I have to touch stuff so it doesn’t stick with me. So if you see me randomly touching a wall, you know why�

10. I am currently working on finishing up my solo music which will be released this year. It has taken me a little longer than expected to release my own music, but I want to make sure it is perfect especially because this will be the first time my fans hear my own original music. It is an interesting transition from being in a band to being a solo artist. In the band, there are other people so not all of the pressure falls onto you, but at the same time, you have so much creative freedom as a solo artist. My solo sound still has those pop elements my fans are use to from my days in Overload, but there will be more old school vibes and a nice blend of hip-hop and R&B sounds.

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