'Shadowhunters' Showrunners Dish On Clary & Jonathan's Bond For Final Season

'Shadowhunters' Showrunners Dish On Clary & Jonathan's Bond For Final Season

Is everyone else going back to dissect the premiere of Shadowhunters like we are?

After the premiere, showrunners Todd Slavkin and Darren Swimmer opened up about the physical bond Clary and Jonathan now have, thanks to Lilith’s demonic rune which has bound them to one another – forever.

“His affection and love for her is genuine. He has no ill feelings toward her,” Darren shared about the siblings’ relationship with TVLine.

Todd added, “You will really come to love and understand him, like you do all the great villains, like you did with Lilith last season. So even though Jonathan does despicable things and a lot of his actions are cuckoo-bananas crazy, you’ll grow to understand him.

But will Jonathan sway Clary to the dark side? Possibly.

“It wasn’t something that he planned. But now that it’s happening, he’s going to take full advantage of it,” Darren says. “We’ll find out more about the mechanics of that, and the origins of their bond, in future episodes.”

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