Lauren Jauregui Opens Up About Social Media & Taking A Break From Instagram

Lauren Jauregui Opens Up About Social Media & Taking A Break From Instagram

Lauren Jauregui is dishing on keeping a good relationship with social media.

The 22-year-old singer opened up recently about taking a break from Instagram and staying authentic to herself on digital platforms.

“I try to be as genuine as possible on my social media. Obviously like everyone else, I post all my highlights, but whenever there’s matters going on in the world that I feel my audience should be informed about,” she told J-14. “I’m very about social awareness and very about justice, and so when I see some injustice or I see something happening, in our country specifically or outside of the country even. I feel like international information is important as well. I like to share that with my fans. I never want them to have my exact opinion if they don’t agree with it, but I would always encourage my audience to research and be aware of things going on so they have an opinion at least.”

“I stepped away for three months earlier this year and I have an assistant luckily, I’m blessed to have an assistant. She kind of stayed logged on for me so anytime that I had something I wanted to share or anything that I wanted people to see, I would have her post it,” Lauren dished about taking a detox. “I was just personally disconnected from it, and engaging all the time, and it actually really helped me a lot. It helped me focus on my creativity and really kind of unlock that even more, and just spend time with myself, like read instead of being on Instagram.”

“I felt so refreshed. When I got back I was like, ‘I missed a lot.’ I realized I hadn’t kept up with Cardi B‘s life,” she continued. “At the end of the day, I was keeping up with my loved ones in real life, so it worked out. When I came back I had like a hundred DMs. I felt special, I’m not going to lie.”

“I’m all about using social media in an authentic way that allows you to connect with your audience,” she added.

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