Eva Gutowski Talks About Black History & The Current Climate

Eva Gutowski Talks About Black History & The Current Climate

Eva Gutowski is helping people understand black history and the current Black Lives Matter movement.

The 25-year-old YouTuber shared a 17 minute video to help educate her followers and more.

“I’m not a history professor, but I am a woman of mixed race in America,” she told HuffPost. “I wasn’t born with knowledge; no one is. If you’re not educated in American history, I approach that with compassion.”

“Hey guys, I thought it would be important to share a brief overview of US history, black history and the current situation of George Floyd, so you can get better informed and help your friends and family get informed ❤️,” Eva captioned the video on Instagram. “I know a lot of people close to me have never had to have this conversation before, so i decided to put this comprehensive video together to start a conversation! In this video, i Outline a LOT. What is happening, why, the history of black Americans and where we all stand today. I tried to make it as brief as possible, so please make sure to continue the conversation and learn more 🌈❤️ lmk what you think and tag a friend. Let’s make change. Xoxo”

The day before, Eva also opened up about being mixed race – she’s half black and half white – and how her white grandfather “showed me how non POC can help share their voices.”

“This is a scary video to post. Basically, I am brave enough to speak out against racism not only because I’m black, but because my WHITE grandfather showed me how non POC can help share their voices EVEN in the 1950s,” Eva said. “My grandpa is still alive and inspires me every day. You do not have to be a certain color, or be from the USA to recognize injustice and privilege, and put a stop to it. My own damn white grandfather was out protesting in the streets back in the early days and I think it’s important to share for anyone that may feel inadequate to share their support. #BlackLivesMatter ❤️”

See both of her videos below…

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