Get To Know Love, Victor's Isabella Ferreira With These 10 Fun Facts! (Exclusive)

Get To Know Love, Victor's Isabella Ferreira With These 10 Fun Facts! (Exclusive)

Isabella Ferreira is one of the stars in the new Hulu series Love, Victor!

The actress plays Pilar, the angsty, younger sister and confidant of Michael Cimino‘s Victor in the Love, Simon spinoff series.

“Pilar Salazar is definitely one tough cookie. She’s extremely feisty and loves testing her parents. She doesn’t care much for anyone else’s opinion, although deep down I know she just wants to be understood,” Isabella shared with us. “In the show she’s having a difficult time dealing with the struggles of moving, making new friends, and family drama. In the end though she is still just a young girl trying to find herself just like everyone else. Pilar is the middle child and Victors younger sister. They have a love/hate relationship but when it comes down to it they always have each other’s back.”

“I believe what makes this show unique is that it features a diverse range of Latinx talent both in front and behind the screen. The series portrays universal themes that many demographics can relate to regardless of age, ethnicity, and sexuality. Some of these themes include marital issues, self-identity, anxiety, growing up in a single-parent household, and bullying,” she added about the new show.

“This series will show an honest portrayal of a Latinx family’s understanding and tolerance of the LGBTQ+ community, which obviously varies from family to family and within generations. I knew it was the right fit for me, because I’ve always wanted to see a show like this when I was growing up. A show that would make me feel like I wasn’t alone, and to be able to be a part of that show makes it all come full circle.”

In anticipation of the new show, JJJ got to know the young actress with 10 Fun Facts!

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  • I grew up as a dancer and did that religiously for 9 years. My favorite style of dance to do is jazz funk, and to watch would be contemporary.
  • I was born in Boston, Massachusetts! but was raised in Pennsylvania.
  • I have two dogs! both girls named Mindy and Charlie. Mindy is almost 9 years old and Charlie is 8 months old :)
  • My absolute favorite song ever is probably Ivy by Frank Ocean.
  • For each group of people in my life I have a different nickname. My family call me Isa, my friends call me Bella, and my super close best friends just call me by my whole name Isabella.
  • Before becoming an actress, I was super interested in marine biology and was looking into going to school for it, to then eventually get some kind of job in that field.
  • Although I hate to admit it, I am a sucker for unrealistic teenage TV dramas. I mean The Vampire Diaries and Teen Wolf! What can get better than that?
  • I am a night owl. For some reason I am only able to be productive at night no matter how hard I try. I’ve always been like this since before I could remember. My brain just works better knowing everyone is sleeping probably dreaming about puppies and ice cream, yet I’m up at 2am rearranging my entire room for no reason.
  • I am obsessed with fruit. If I could eat one thing forever it would be that or pasta…fruit is probably the better choice though right?
  • I want to travel the world. With this pandemic it’s not ideal, but once everything is back to normal and whenever I have a break from work I’m going to do it! Or at least just go to Santorini!
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