Get To Know 'The Boys' & 'Big Little Lies' Actor Cameron Crovetti With 10 Fun Facts!

Get To Know 'The Boys' & 'Big Little Lies' Actor Cameron Crovetti With 10 Fun Facts!

You’re about to see a lot more of Cameron Crovetti!

The young actor can currently be seen in three big shows – Big Little Lies, Dear John and The Boys.

It was just recently announced that The Boys has been renewed for a third season on Prime Video, almost two months before season two premieres!

In The Boys, Cameron plays The Homelander’s son, Ryan Butcher. In season two of Dear John, he portrays Ryan Broderick, and in Big Little Lies, he stars as Josh Wright, one of Nicole Kidman’s twin sons.

When he’s not acting, Cameron and his twin brother Nicholas are training for the Olympics and competing in men’s gymnastics!

Get to know Cameron Crovetti and check out his 10 Fun Facts below!

  • 1. Most people know I have an identical twin brother. But what most people don’t know is that I am the older twin by 18 minutes. I was born first, and the nurse swaddled me up, and I waited for my brother. What took Nick so long to be born was he had his arm up and over his head. The doctor finally got my brother to come out, and he came out screaming while I looked on smiling. We were huge babies. I was 7 pounds, and he was 7 pounds, 9 ounces. But now I am an inch taller and weigh five pounds more than him.
  • 2. My brother and I are best friends. Twins share a special bond, and my brother and I are no exception. When we were infants, my mom told me a story about the time Nick was sick. I would not leave his side. I sat next to him the entire time until he got better. When we were born, the nurses put us in those bins that they put infants in when they are first born. My mom had expected them to keep us together in one bin, but the nurses separated us. Nick‘s temperature dropped, and he couldn’t regulate his body temperature. The nurses came into my mom’s room to tell her there was a problem. My mom demanded they put us in one bin wrapped up together. Within minutes of us being back together, Nick was able to regulate his body temperature to mine, and he was fine.
  • 3. I love to bake, and my favorite dish is this amazing sweet potato casserole that I basically make every week.
  • 4. I love horror films. I have a ton of original movie posters in my room, like JAWS. I asked my mom for an original The Shining poster last Christmas. In fourth grade, I read “The Shining,” and my teacher told me I could not bring it to class because it was way beyond my grade level. I still have not gotten that Shining poster, but now that I am older, I can read “The Shining” in class. lol
  • 5. My brother was the “choker” in Big Little Lies, not me, but fun fact, Ivy George who plays ‘Amabella,’ is one of our best friends. We go on vacation with her family, and they are actually staying at our house for two weeks while I am writing this.

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  • 6. I love to sing and play guitar. Apparently, I sing all the time around the house, but I have no idea that I am until one of my siblings tells me to be quiet. The first musical I did was Frozen, and I wanted to play Hans. I love playing the funny or evil characters in musicals. It is more interesting to me.
  • 7. I love roller coasters and waterslides. My brother and I are fearless and have been. We used to put tissues in our shoes to make us taller so we could get on the big roller coasters.
  • 8. I was a competitive gymnast for years. During the filming of BLL season 2, I was training, and I placed third overall for the Men’s regional USA gymnastics competition. That competition is where the best gymnasts from North and South California, Nevada, Arizona, Hawaii, and New Mexico compete. Last summer, I worked on two shows simultaneously, so I had to put gymnastics on hold.
  • 9. My brother and I went to France with our entire family last summer. So this summer we have decided to learn French.
  • 10. My family and I play “Use Your Words.” Most of my family is in the Entertainment industry. So when they play, they are incredibly creative, funny, and uber-competitive. Having creative people play “Use Your Words” is so fun because there is always some funny and off the wall stuff written. I am proud to say that I win “Use Your words” against my family most of the time.
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