The Vamps Open Up About Their 2 Year Break & Their New Album 'Cherry Blossom'

The Vamps Open Up About Their 2 Year Break & Their New Album 'Cherry Blossom'

The Vamps are dishing on their upcoming new album Cherry Blossom!

The guys – James McVey, Brad Simpson, Tristan Evans and Connor Ball – opened up about finishing the album in quarantine, taking a break and more in their new feature with Euphoria Magazine.

“It was really interesting because we set up home studios, so when COVID-19 and isolation started, we were halfway through the making of this album, and we were forced to finish it in a nice way individually in our homes,” Tristan told the mag. “We’d send parts to each other’s houses like, Brad would do vocals, then send to James, who then put down some guitar. It was a really cool, really nice way of doing it.”

“I think it’s really important in every sort of aspect of life to sometimes have moments of contemplation, to take a step away and reflect on what you’ve done,” James shared about taking time off. “That helps to put more solidly in your mind where you want to go, and I think for a while we were sort of just doing things and we were loving it, but I don’t feel like towards the end, we had, like, a sense of direction. So that’s why I think taking some time away was important for us to galvanize our thoughts and feelings, and determine what we wanted to put into a new album.”

“More often than not, we’ll go and play shows in countries and not get the chance to absorb the culture. I think Japan was a moment where it was right,” Brad said about the inspiration for the album. “It was at the end of the world tour, I think we were all pretty tired, and staying out there, and having a no interruptions moment was really big. It was nice to immerse in the country, and I think that’s where the idea of Cherry Blossom came from. It stands for rebirth and renewal, the beginning of something new.”

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