Griffin Johnson Drops New Song 'Convenient' About Dixie D'Amelio Split

Griffin Johnson Drops New Song 'Convenient' About Dixie D'Amelio Split

Griffin Johnson is speaking out about his breakup with Dixie D’Amelio!

The 21-year-old TikToker released a new song called “Convenient” on Sunday (September 20) which seemingly addresses their split.

Earlier in the day, he teased that something was about to be released.

“you’re welcome in advance,” he wrote on Twitter that morning, adding, “time to spice things up.”

“I’m not here to say I’m sorry/I’m not even gonna ask/You’re the one that didn’t want me/But I ain’t tryna win you back,” he starts off in the song.

“She said I cheated/That’s just f–ked up/But you believed it/Ain’t that convenient,” he adds about the cheating allegations.

Griffin also seemingly addresses Dixie‘s current relationship with Noah Beck, which the two have been denying that they are dating and are just friends. They even kissed in her new music video!

“You don’t think I No-Ah/But I know a little bit,” Griffin sings. “You said you’re just friends/But you’re wearing his clothes.”

If you remember, Dixie and Griffin broke up at the end of July, and even after their split, she still posted a YouTube video of their last date.

There have been many rumors about the former couple’s split and looks like he’s finally ready to speak out about them in his song. Check it out now!

Griffin Johnson – ‘Convenient’
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