Katherine McNamara Dishes On Just Released New Song 'What Do We Got to Lose' (Exclusive)

Katherine McNamara Dishes On Just Released New Song 'What Do We Got to Lose' (Exclusive)

Katherine McNamara is surprising fans with her brand new song “What Do We Got to Lose“!

The 24-year-old actress and singer just debuted the track on Saturday (November 21).

JJJ spoke to Katherine to get the scoop on the song, and find out more about her music. She even teased a few more surprises!

“‘What Do We Got to Lose’ is about taking a risk, following your heart, and giving something a chance – no matter how unlikely it may seem,” she told us. “When it comes to life and love, if there’s anything I’ve learned, it’s that you have to remain open to possibility of whatever life will throw at you – good or bad. Maybe it will be a happy ending, maybe not, but either way it’s a chance to learn and grow as a person.”

You can stream “What Do We Got to Lose” below, and it’s now available to purchase on digital music retailers!

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JJJ: What drew you into this song?
: I have always been a person to be stubbornly optimistic. I love the idea of being on the precipice of taking a leap of faith and jumping into something new, hand in hand with someone who excites and surprises you. It can be a scary feeling in life, love, or otherwise to be vulnerable enough to say “Let’s do this. Let’s try and see where it goes.” That feeling can also be exhilarating and, when you can truly trust someone, the most rewarding. It’s that feeling of tension and euphoria that I feel the song exudes.

JJJ: Why did you want to make it your next release?
: In cleaning up my computer desktop earlier this year, I discovered my archives of music I recorded nearly 5 years ago. Folks need something to smile about this year. Something to distract them, entertain them, and get them off the couch and dancing on their feet. For me, this music took me on a nice stroll down memory lane. I hope it puts a similar spring in your step. This is the first of a few surprises I have in store.

I wanted to start with this track as it felt like a theme for this crazy, unpredictable year. When life is uncertain and everything feels up in the air – take a leap of faith, take a risk, trust your heart. After all, it’s 2020 – what do we have to lose?

JJJ: What was your favorite part about making this song?
: I have so missed making music. This song was recorded several years ago but in getting it ready for release, it has reinvigorated my passion for it. I started as a dancer, so music has always been my escape whether I’m singing, dancing, or driving in my car. It is a different kind of vulnerability for me – given that it’s the only aspect of my creative output in which I’m not playing a character and effectively putting a little slice of my soul out there for people to listen to. I enjoy the thrill of that risk though – it pushes me to open up creatively in a new way – that’s beneficial as both an artist and a human.

JJJ: Do you have any plans for an EP or album?
: Eventually, I’d love to. I was well on my way years ago, but instead I spent a good few years fighting demons on Shadowhunters and then fighting to save Star City on Arrow, so my music ended up on the back burner for a bit. However, this year has given me time to rethink and restructure to allow me to get back to it while waiting for the world to heal itself. I was actually considering releasing these tracks on an EP and calling it ARCHIVES, but decided to release them as singles instead. Regardless, it has reminded me how much I love making music – this is only the beginning – wherever it may lead.

JJJ: Your songs have different tones and vibes, but are all pretty dancey. Is that the kind of overall sound you are going for with your music?
: I love a good beat that gives you a reason to dance, but ultimately, my sound is still developing. This music is from pretty far back in my archives so I’m excited to get back to writing and see what comes to the surface now. That’s the beauty of art and of life – you never know what’s coming next.

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