NikkieTutorials Says It's Hard To Constantly Talk About This

NikkieTutorials Says It's Hard To Constantly Talk About This

NikkieTutorials is opening up about how her past year has been!

The beauty vlogger shared her last video of 2020 and reflected on the rollercoaster of a year.

One of the things Nikkie talked about was her coming out video, which she posted in January, and how it’s hard to keep talking about it all the time.

“It is a little bit hard, because basically everything is about the coming out, or my robbery, or when I’m getting married. Whenever I talk to people, they’re like, ‘Oh, your coming out was so inspirational.’ Which, thank you so much, but then they’re like, ‘How are you doing after the robbery? Are you still getting married?’” Nikkie said.

“It’s like a bubble that always repeats. I came out under pressure and at the time, I mean, I’ve said this a lot of times, I felt like I was going to lose it all,” she continued. “Thank god I didn’t, and I don’t know if I’m allowed to say this, but like, to the one who tried to blackmail me, honey, look at me now!”

It’s just a lot of times I think back to my blackmailer, and I’m like, I wonder how that presence is doing in their life… The one thing that I feared in the beginning was that everything I accomplished or achieved in life, it would no longer be, ‘Oh, Nikkie won this,’ or ‘Nikkie did that,’” she shared. “I was scared that it would become, ‘Oh, Nikkie, the transgender, won this and achieved that.’ That has happened, which, if you’re part of the media, you need to stop that, okay. It doesn’t matter what I am, I’m Nikkie. Okay?”

Nikkie also said that if she had the chance to keep her robbery a secret, she would have.

“Oh yeah, yeah. ‘Cause now I have to keep talking about it,” she said. “It gets brought back up so many times now. I feel like if you’re not in the public eye, you can ‘forget about it faster,’ and now people are like, ‘Well, how are you after the robbery?’ People always come from a good place, but it’s a lot. For me, the entire experience happens again. That day repeats and repeats in my head.”

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