Terry Crews To Guest Star On His Son Isaiah's Show 'Side Hustle' This Weekend!

Terry Crews To Guest Star On His Son Isaiah's Show 'Side Hustle' This Weekend!

Terry Crews is having a big TV moment this weekend!

The America’s Got Talent host and actor will be guest starring as Uncle Nedward on the upcoming new episode of Side Hustle on Nickelodeon.

His guest role is a bit special. If you didn’t know, Terry‘s son Isaiah is actually one of the stars of the show. He plays Munchy!

“First, I just want to say…. I AM THE PROUDEST DAD IN THE WORLD. This is better than my wildest dreams can imagine— to be guest starring ON MY SON’S @nickelodeon SHOW. My life has been blessed with so much favor, blessings and opportunities, but this is more than I ever could ask for- and we did it. My son and I did an epic episode of comedic television TOGETHER,” Terry wrote on Instagram.

“When the episode finished filming, I cried. Then I watched it- and cried some more. What an honor. The realest most amazing thing is, our family will be able to watch us working together FOR GENERATIONS TO COME,” Terry continued. “His kids and his kids, kids will be able to watch their ancestors have fun, and love what they do while they do it. I can’t believe this, but the reality is- life always gives you wonderful things if you appreciate and recognize them.”

“My wife @therealrebeccakingcrews gets most of the credit, because she takes care of both of us, and we wouldn’t be here without her. WOW. Just WOW. I know I’m rambling but this is just the height of living- watching your kids live their dreams and then participating with them as they enjoy every minute. I love you Isaiah- please know this now and forever.”

Tune in to an all new Side Hustle at it’s new time of 8pm ET/PT THIS Saturday (March 20) on Nickelodeon!

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