Mads Lewis' 'Influencer Lagoon' Trailer Was For Fake Reality Show In ABC Comedy 'Home Economics'!

Mads Lewis' 'Influencer Lagoon' Trailer Was For Fake Reality Show In ABC Comedy 'Home Economics'!

Remember that random, out of nowhere Influencer Lagoon trailer that dropped on Reddit last week?

The trailer for the ABC reality show had many people very confused and put off by the prospect of this survivor-like influencer competition, and it turns out, it was all FAKE!

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Social media stars Mads Lewis and Alan Chow hosted the fake reality show, which was actually a part of the ABC comedy Home Economics.

In this week’s new episode of the show, Connor (Jimmy Tatro) finds out that his influencer girlfriend Jojo (Tetona Jackson) was actually cast on the reality show.

The fake trailer not only came out of nowhere, but leading up to the Home Economics episode, the trailer was even aired during the two-night Bachelor finale, having viewers even more confused if it was a real show.

But, the trailer landing on Reddit was actually thanks to Home Economics star and executive producer Topher Grace, who created a new account and posted it on Reddit.

“We weren’t gonna have a trailer for it originally, even in the episode. And then when we were shooting, production built such an elaborate set of this desert island that [Influencer Lagoon] took place on that we were like, let’s shoot some promotional footage for this,” Topher told EW.

“We cast real influencers to host it, Alan Chow and Madison Lewis. We thought, ‘This actually kinda looks real. Maybe we wanna put a promo together.’ We shot these promo elements, and then I took a leap and sent the raw footage that we had, the promo footage and some of the stuff from the show to ABC and said, ‘Would you guys just cut a trailer? We’ll put it in the episode.’ The same people who cut the ads for The Bachelor cut this trailer. They did the logo and everything,” he continued.

“When we showed the finished episode to the network, they liked the Influencer Lagoon promo so much that they were like, “Let’s just run the ad during the two finale episodes of The Bachelor,’ which we were so thrilled about. Then it kind of went nuts because we went, ‘Wait a second. What if we leaked it to Reddit the right way, would places pick up on it?’” Topher said.

He even shared his favorite part about the episode of Home Economics/Influencer Lagoon.

“I mean, look, there’s a show called FBoy Island. This isn’t that far from reality, pun intended. My favorite part on tonight’s episode of Home Economics is when the host is like, ‘We’ve seen how you influence humans, but now it’s time to influence animals. In this tent are six horses, nature’s original influencers — now get in there and get those manes on fleek!’” he told EW. “It’s so bizarre. That’s why I’m digging that people thought it was real, because when people see that, they’ll be like, ‘Oh man, I really should have known this wasn’t real.’”

There you have it. Influencer Lagoon was just all a fake promo for a fake show, on a very real show Home Economics! LOL!

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