Who Won 'Claim to Fame'? Season 1 Winner Revealed!

Who Won 'Claim to Fame'? Season 1 Winner Revealed!

Claim to Fame has come to an end!!

The winner of the ABC series, hosted by Kevin and Frankie Jonas, just revealed which contestant has won and has picked up the coveted $100,000 prize.

In the final episode, it all came down to the final three – LC, Logan and Pepper.

Before the winner was crowned, the eliminated contestants came back in an attempt to influence the game one last time.

The final challenge was the classic game of Truth or Dare, where the stakes have never been higher as the winner automatically received a spot in the top two. Strategy and tough decisions made for the most revealing challenge yet, ultimately ending in a tie and forced a head-to-head dare to declare the winner.

In case you missed it, they are casting for a second season even though it hasn’t been officially renewed yet!

Find out who won the season inside…

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