Power Rangers Get New Suits For Upcoming 3rd Season 'Cosmic Fury' with 1 Making Historic Change!

Power Rangers Get New Suits For Upcoming 3rd Season 'Cosmic Fury' with 1 Making Historic Change!

The current iteration of the Power Rangers are going through a big change in their upcoming third season!

This cast makes history as the first time that the entire cast will return for a third season since the Power Rangers series launched in 1993 with Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.

The show also underwent a name change, from Power Rangers: Dino Fury to Power Rangers: Cosmic Fury, where for the first time for them, will get new suits!

One of the suit changes will be quite the historic one for the series…

If you didn’t, they filmed the first two seasons back-to-back and kept the same suits.

Check out the new designs inside…

In season three, the team will embark on a journey through outer space as they unlock new Cosmic powers and defend the universe against the returning infamous villain Lord Zedd.

With their new suits will of course come new morphers and weapons, designed by Tracey Collins. The new suits were designed by Sarah Voon.

Keep scrolling below to see a side by side of their old costumes (left) and their new costumes (right)…

Red Rangers' new suit

Red Ranger/Zayto

Played by Russell Curry, the Red Ranger will turn to a different colored suit, that comes with a cape!

Blue Rangers' new suit

Blue Ranger/Ollie

The Blue Ranger is played by Kai Moya.

Pink Rangers' new suit

Pink Ranger/Amelia

Portrayed by Hunter Deno, the Pink Ranger will actually become the Red Ranger. She will evolve into the first full-time female Red Ranger in the history of the series!

Green Rangers' new suit

Green Ranger/Izzy

Green Ranger is played by Tessa Rao.

Black Rangers' new suit

Black Ranger/Javi

Black Ranger is portrayed by Chance Perez.

Gold Rangers' new suit

Gold Ranger/Aiyon

Gold Ranger is played by Jordan Fite.

Check out a teaser video of the cast showing off their new costumes below…

Filming on the new season is currently underway in New Zealand, and will premiere on Netflix later this year.

In case you missed it, some of the original Power Rangers reunited for a 30th anniversary special!

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