Why Is Jon Cryer Not Playing Lex Luthor on 'Superman & Lois'? Find Out Here!

Why Is Jon Cryer Not Playing Lex Luthor on 'Superman & Lois'? Find Out Here!

A new actor was announced to be playing Lex Luthor in the upcoming third season of Superman & Lois on Tuesday (January 24).

After the news was revealed, many were wondering why Jon Cryer couldn’t reprise the role after previously portraying the supervillain on Supergirl.

Resurfaced tweets from Jon in December 2022 give more insight into why he won’t be back.

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Over a month ago, it was revealed that the CW series was casting for the role, and fans had tagged the former Two and a Half Men star, wondering why he couldn’t step in.

Jon revealed that he didn’t have time as he will be starting a new show in February, however, he did get a heads up about the casting decision.

“Would’ve been fun. But I’m not sure I could’ve played Lex on @cwsupermanlois even if they wanted to do this,” he tweeted. “I’m supposed to start shooting a new series for NBC in February.”

He then added, “And for the record, the folks at DC were very cool and gave me a heads up that the show was going a different way with character before they started looking. Most of the time, actors learn about this stuff when it comes out in the trades. I’m grateful they were classy about it.”

Another reason as to why Jon wouldn’t be playing Lex in Superman & Lois was revealed back at the end of season two.

While Tyler Hoechlin‘s Superman and Bitsie Tulloch‘s Lois Lane were introduced to fans on Supergirl, and have appeared in crossover events, they aren’t necessarily a part of the Arrowverse as Superman & Lois is standing as it’s own show.

At the end of season two, it was revealed that the events of the show don’t take place on the same Earth as other shows in the Arrowverse.

“It goes back to season 1. In the original [pilot] there were a lot of references to Crisis [On Infinite Earths] and there was a Flash mention, and when we were shooting, the original intent was to be part of the Arrowverse,” showrunner Todd Helbing told EW.

“But you know, then the pandemic hit and things changed and we couldn’t do a crossover with Batwoman, and all of these references to Crisis through the pilot rewriting phase got stripped out just to make everything a little bit more clear for a broader audience,” he continued. “Then at some point in season 1 I had a conversation with DC, and we clearly wanted to put our own stamp on the show and our take on the Superman mythology. The original intent was to be part of the Arrowverse, but the further along we got and now, unfortunately, with the other shows being off the air, it just felt like the best decision was to have our Superman & Lois not be on the same Earth as the Arrowverse.”

He added, “Look, I get it. I get it if the fans are disappointed. It’s a lot easier to be honest, finally, to tell everybody and not feel like you’re deceiving people when I was answering these questions like ‘Why isn’t Supergirl showing up?’ or ‘Why isn’t the Flash showing up?’ I’m just glad that finally everybody knows now so we can just continue to make the best show we can.”

Todd also noted that the Superman and Lois we saw in the Arrowverse and in crossovers are different versions than on their own show.

“Everybody that you see, while some people may have similar backstories and some may be different, they’re different characters.”

Speaking of the Arrowverse, quite a few stars are returning from different shows to rerise their roles for the final season of The Flash!

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