Josh Richards Opens Up About Getting Handcuffed For First Time at Stagecoach Festival 2022

Josh Richards Opens Up About Getting Handcuffed For First Time at Stagecoach Festival 2022

Josh Richards is sharing his experience getting handcuffed for his first and only time.

The 21-year-old influencer dished on the moment that took place at the Stagecoach Festival in 2022 during a recent appearance on the Dear Media podcast Good Guys, with Josh Peck and Ben Soffer.

See what he said inside…

“It’s a kind of a funny story, but last year at Stagecoach, I was only 20 and I was drinking, so I had like a beer or something like that in my hand, and it’s like, come on, I’m at a country music festival. You think I’m not drinking a beer? You’re kidding yourself,” Josh Richards shared. “So I’m drinking this beer and this guy kind of like taps on my shoulder from behind and he goes, he goes, I like look at him. And he’s like kind of, you know, just wearing like same clothes I’m wearing like very like festival vibe, clothes. And he was like, he was like, ‘Yo, uh, we’re doing ID checks, man, how old are you?’ And I was like, ha ha. And turned around. I thought it was a joke, you know what I mean? Like I thought this guy was like playing with me or
something. I was like, ah ha. Turned around.”

“[He] taps me again and I turned around and he just has a badge out, and I was just like, ughhh. So he is like, ‘How old are you?’ And right off, I was like, ’23.’ He’s like, he’s like, he’s like, so he’s asking me all these questions. I’m just giving him all these fake answers,” he continued. “And then, uh, eventually, uh, he grabs my other buddy who was also underage drinking, and then he like starts to like, walk over to my sit and I was like, oh, f–k it. I’m just gonna just try. So I gave him my real Id. Like, I was like, all right, all right. Like, whatever.”

“He sees that I’m under age, puts me in cuffs like, in front of like the entire festival and it was just like, dude, like I would’ve walked with you wherever you needed me to go. Putting me in cuffs for this, it seems a little bit outrageous, but threw me in cuffs and then like had them behind the back, walked me out of like the venue and whatnot. They golf cart me and the guy’s like know me. They’re like, ‘Yo, so you have like the Barstools pod.’ So now we’re like all becoming boys on the golf cart ride over. They take like a picture of me, make me like sign something, and then they’re like, ‘All right, you wanna drive back to the festival?’ And I was like, what?”

“They’re like, ‘Yeah, we just need you to like sign this. You know? It’s just like quick little like underage drinking thing. Probably won’t even get filed.’ Yeah, it was like a ticket. They’re like, ‘Probably won’t even get filed, honestly. Like, we’ve brought some of the same people here like four times already today.’ It was just like, why did you waste 20 minutes of my time tonight for that? You know what I mean? And it never got fought. Like I never had to pay the ticket, which I would’ve happily paid the ticket. It’s not like I’m like, hell yeah, I got away with it. It was like, Probably would’ve cost me 200 bucks or 400 bucks.”

Josh then noted that he was probably not the bigger problem, but the fact that the venue was selling him the alcohol that was the problem.

“The venue is selling me beer. Yeah. I think that’s your problem guys. That’s your problem. The fact that like I just walked up to the counter was like, Hey, can I get a beer? And they’re like, sure. And I walked away. That’s probably the people you guys should be worried about.”

On the Good Guys podcast, Josh also talked about how he got involved in the BFFs podcast, his relationship with Dave Portnoy, what he thinks of a potential TikTok ban and more. Check out the full video below!

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