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Cody Simpson & Jennette McCurdy: 'Bucket & Skinner' Guest Stars!

Cody Simpson & Jennette McCurdy: 'Bucket & Skinner' Guest Stars!

Dillon Lane and Taylor Gray get thoughtful with Cody Simpson in this new shot from Bucket & Skinner’s Epic Adventures.

In the new episode “Epic Break-Up”, After Bucket (Gray) is disappointed that Kelly (Ashley Argota) is going to prom with her boyfriend Blake, Skinner (Lane) buys tickets to an upcoming rock festival in San Diego.

But when Kelly’s childhood friend Devon (Jennette McCurdy) visits, she causes a rift between Kelly and Blake and later tries to make amends by bringing Blake to prom to surprise Kelly, who must ultimately choose between Blake and Bucket.

Matt Shively also guest stars!

“Epic Break-Up” airs later tonight, June 9th @ 9PM ET/PT on Nickelodeon. 15+ pics inside…

“Epic Break-Up” Clip #1

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Bucket & Skinner: Epic Haunting!

Bucket & Skinner: Epic Haunting!

Taylor Gray and Dillon Lane get their haunt on in a brand-new episode of Bucket & Skinner’s Epic Adventures.

In “Epic Haunting,” Bucket (Gray), and Skinner’s (Lane) latest plan to achieve epic status requires them to spend the night in a haunted house!

The boys face one terrifying chill after another, until they discover that a jealous Aloe (Glenn McCuen) is behind the whole thing. When the scares continue after Aloe’s plan is revealed, Bucket and Skinner fear the house may actually be haunted.

“Epic Haunting” airs TONIGHT @9PM ET/PT on Nickelodeon.

Bucket & Skinner’s Epic Adventures – “Epic Haunting”

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Photos of 'Bucket & Skinner’s Epic Adventures'

Sara Bareilles on 'Bucket & Skinner' -- Video and Pics!

Sara Bareilles on 'Bucket & Skinner' -- Video and Pics!

Just in case you missed Sara Bareilles on Bucket & Skinner’s Epic Adventures — have no fear, we’ve got you covered!

In the episode that aired over last weekend, “Epic Rockstar,” Sara comes to town and holds a songwriting contest, which Bucket (Taylor Gray) and Skinner (Dillon Lane) win.

However, Bucket soon regrets entering the contest when he realizes the winning entry was about his love for Kelly (Ashley Argota), so he tries to retrieve the song.

Check out the clip of Sara singing “Uncharted” below!

JJJ Fun Fact: Ashley is actually a massive Sara Bareilles fan. She covered Sara‘s “King of Anything” recently.

15+ pics inside…

Sara Bareilles on ‘Bucket & Skinner’

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'Bucket & Skinner' Promo Pics!

'Bucket & Skinner' Promo Pics!

Check out these new promo pics for Bucket & Skinner’s Epic Adventures!

In the premiere episode, “Epic Election,” Bucket (Taylor Gray) attempts to win over the affection of classmate Kelly (Ashley Argota), by running for class president, with his best bud Skinner (Dillon Lane) acting as his campaign manager.

However, Bucket soon realizes that he will need a lot more help to beat super-popular athlete, Aloe (Glenn McCuen) and is forced to team up with the Kelly’s younger sister, the precocious Piper (Tiffany Espensen), in order to save face and try to win the heart of his dream girl.

JJJ Fun Fact: Since Taylor and Dillon are both multi-talented singers too, they’ll be singing the theme song, “No Worries.”

“Epic Election” premieres Friday, July 1st @ 8PM ET/PT on Nickelodeon. More Here! »

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'Bucket & Skinner's Epic Adventures' Premieres July 1st!

'Bucket & Skinner's Epic Adventures' Premieres July 1st!

The cast of Bucket & Skinner’s Epic Adventures groups together in this shot as they attend the screening of iParty with Victorious on Saturday (June 4) held at The Lot in Los Angeles.

Ashley Argota, Tiffany Espensen, Glenn McCuen, Taylor Gray and Dillon Lane chatted with JJJ on the orange carpet about what else we could expect on the show — besides tons of surfing on the beach.

“Animals! There are tons. We’ve had a lot of possums,” Ashley shared.

“The elephant was the best though,” Taylor added in.

The show premieres July 1st on Nickelodeon!

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