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Cash Cash Drop 'How To Love' Video With Sofia Reyes; Announce New Album

Cash Cash Drop 'How To Love' Video With Sofia Reyes; Announce New Album

Cash Cash just dropped their new song, “How To Love” with Sofia Reyes!

The electronic music trio — brothers Jean Paul Makhlouf, Alex Makhlouf and Samuel Frisch — unveiled the new track while announcing their debut full-length album, Blood, Sweat & 3 Years, out on June 24th!

“The first single ‘How To Love’ features vocals from Sofia Reyes whose voice gave us goosebumps at first listen,” the trio shared. “The lyrics are so real and relatable that it was impossible not to fill up with feels after listening back to the first mix. Full length albums can define chapters of people’s lives. Listening to a record can take you back to a certain era or period of your life in a split second. They just have that special power…Completing them is never easy.”

Cash Cash added, “After countless holes in the wall, sleepless nights & fist fights, mental breakdowns, 1 million miles flown, multiple hospital visits, and roughly 1 thousand days….we proudly deliver what we believe is our most creative album yet. 16 songs that we hope will define this era of your life the same way it does ours. We give you our ‘Blood, Sweat & 3 Years.’”

Listen to “How To Love” below and check out the track listing for the album inside!

Cash Cash – How To Love ft Sofia Reyes (Official Video)

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Cash Cash Drops 'Aftershock' With Jacquie Lee - Listen Now!

Cash Cash Drops 'Aftershock' With Jacquie Lee - Listen Now!

Jacquie Lee just dropped her brand new song “Aftershock” with EDM artists Cash Cash!

“We solely focused on the lyrics, the melody, the synth riff, and the emotion they evoke all together,” Cash Cash shared about the hot new track.

The added, “Everything else was secondary and we feel strong we succeeded in making a song that will move you. The whole experience was a total vacation from the way we’ve been working lately. I hope the listeners catch that and just let the song hit them the way it hit us.”

Cash Cash – Aftershock ft Jacquie Lee (Official Audio)