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'Dear White People' Netflix Trailer Has 190k Dislikes & Counting

'Dear White People' Netflix Trailer Has 190k Dislikes & Counting

Some people are not one bit happy about the first trailer for Netflix’s Dear White People series.

The trailer centers in on Logan Browning as Sam White, who says to her radio listeners: ‘Here’s a list of acceptable Halloween costumes.” The one she points out as not acceptable: “Me.”

The video has already gotten over 190,000 dislikes, a Twitter hashtag (#boycottNetflix), and people are even cancelling their subscriptions after being accused of racism.

Dear White People follows a group of Winchester University’s students of color as they navigate a diverse landscape of social injustice, cultural bias, political correctness (or lack thereof) and sometimes misguided activism in the millennial age.

The series, which was announced late last year after the 2014 film of the same name, is expected to drop on April 28th on the streaming service.

Check out the trailer below and let us know what you think!

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