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Lauren Jauregui, Hayley Kiyoko, Andrew Matarazzo & More - New Music Friday 4/30

Lauren Jauregui, Hayley Kiyoko, Andrew Matarazzo & More - New Music Friday 4/30

Happy New Music Friday!!

This week, we are so excited to have new music from Lauren Jauregui, who just dropped her new song “Temporary” on Friday (April 30).

Lauren‘s new song is part of a bigger picture, and is a part of Sound It Out, “a national campaign that uses music to help middle school kids and their caregivers have open, honest conversations about mental health.”

“Temporary” is inspired by a conversation Lauren had with a girl named Anna, and speaks to the ups and downs of mental health, as well as “how fleeting your life can feel at any age, and especially as a teenager.”

Hayley has also just released her new track “Found My Friends,” which is about “discovering and nurturing a strong friendship with yourself. This song resonates even more so now with everyone experiencing isolation in quarantine, when we still somehow find the resilience to connect with one another and find comfort in each other,” she said.

Andrew is back with his next single, “New York,” which is “about returning to a place that’s entire identity is infused with a person from your past, and happier times.”

This week also brings new songs and music videos from Sofia Carson, Justin Bieber and DJ Khaled, and more.

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Jake Miller, Rebecca Black, Greyson Chance & More - New Music Friday 4/23

Jake Miller, Rebecca Black, Greyson Chance & More - New Music Friday 4/23

Happy New Music Friday!!!

We are so excited about this week’s roundup, which includes Jake Miller, Rebecca Black and Greyson Chance.

Jake just dropped his new track, “I Hope I Die First,” and he recently announced his new, upcoming tour dates. He will be kicking off the Hi, I Missed You Tour in Arizona in September. Check out all of the tour dates right here!

Rebecca Black just released her new song and music video, “Personal.”

“‘Personal’ represents this reckoning with a consequence of heartbreak I hadn’t really ever understood,” Rebecca says in a statement, “which was the guilt and heaviness that comes with being the one to put an end to a relationship when that is not what the other person wants. I’ve learned you can’t really stop two people on roads heading in opposite directions, and it can feel so difficult to consciously make a decision that you know will hurt someone you love, while at the same time knowing it’s the necessary choice for yourself at the end of the day.”

In addition, Greyson Chance has debuted his new song, “Hellboy.” “Thank you to every single person who made this song possible. And to anyone listening today, thank you for giving me the strength & encouragement to keep on doing what I do, no matter the circumstance. Now go D A N C E ⚡️,” he wrote on Instagram.

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Photos of 'Greyson Chance'

Greyson Chance Shares Cute New Photos With His Boyfriend Ben

Greyson Chance Shares Cute New Photos With His Boyfriend Ben

Greyson Chance has fallen in love!

The 22-year-old “Bad To Myself” singer shared a couple of cute new photos with his man, Ben.

“fell in love in a pandemic year 🔮,” he captioned his post.

Greyson first showed a little glimpse at their relationship with some photos from a trip back in July.

Last month, Ben shared a post on his account with pics of the couple and shared something they do every day.

“Every night we ask one another, “what’s one thing you’re grateful for today?” It is a simple & effective way to fixate on the positive,” he captioned the pics. “Today – I am thankful to be dating a man who actively fights injustice, is fiercely loyal, and encourages me to become my best self. Thanks for being my holyFeeling🦋”

Greyson also just released a remix of his deeply personal song “Bad To Myself.” Check it out on Spotify here!

Greyson Chance Releases Deeply Personal Song 'Bad To Myself'

Greyson Chance Releases Deeply Personal Song 'Bad To Myself'

Greyson Chance has dropped his new song and music video, “Bad To Myself“!

The 22-year-old’s new track is super personal, as it’s about his struggle with an eating disorder.

“‘Bad To Myself’ is truly me at my most vulnerable. I wrote the song with Teddy Geiger last August, which found me in the middle of an exhausting tour schedule; I think I was rounding my 100th show of 2019 around that period,” Greyson said in a statement.

“At that time, I was very unhealthy: drinking too much on the road, not eating, not taking care of myself, and especially not checking in on my mental health,” he continued. “You hear stories all the time of artists and musicians struggling while on tour, and it doesn’t really sink in until you see yourself slipping down that hole in real time.”

“The song represents a promise to myself that I would do better and work on becoming more healthy. ‘Bad To Myself’ helped me immensely get out of that period of my life, and I hope it helps to raise internal conversations with my fans about their own health, both mental and physical,” Greyson said.

Greyson also opened up about the concept of the music video.

“i wanted to tell the story of what my life was last year. wake-up, plane, venue, soundcheck, have a drink, stage, have another drink, hotel room, alone. the same thing that was keeping my heart alive, was killing my body at the same time. the MV tells that story #BadToMyself,” he shared on Twitter.

Greyson Chance – ‘Bad To Myself’

Greyson Chance Opens Up About Battling an Eating Disorder

Greyson Chance Opens Up About Battling an Eating Disorder

Greyson Chance is sharing his struggles with anorexia.

The 22-year-old singer has a new song coming out next week, “I’m Done Being Bad To Myself,” which is about his eating disorder.

Before the song’s release, Greyson is opening up on Instagram about his story with the eating disorder.

“I truly don’t know where to start. With my last album, I made a promise that I would strive to be as honest as possible through my work. That type of honesty and vulnerability is what inspires me as an artist and it’s what gets me out of bed in the morning. I can’t release Bad To Myself without telling you that it’s about an eating disorder, and my ongoing battle with anorexia,” Greyson wrote.

“Back in 2018, when I was writing Portraits, I was not in a good place. Not only was I recovering from a tough breakup, but I was also reentering back into music, and I felt nothing but chaos in my head. I was desperately searching for some kind of control. I found that control by watching the numbers drop on my scale as I starved myself day-in and day-out. It wasn’t until I woke up in a hospital bed one morning that I knew I had to turn things around not only for myself, but for my family, my friends, and for all of you,” he continued.

“There is a certain taboo around eating disorders in our society, and I am sharing my story to hopefully make a small crack at that stigma. Eating disorders do not discriminate; they affect such a large population of people, non-dependent on gender, identity, age, or background.”

“Two years later, I feel stronger than I have ever been, but I would be lying if I said I still am not battling against anorexia, and I know that it will be a continued battle for the rest of my life,” Greyson adds. “To anyone struggling with an eating disorder, know that I am here for you, I understand you, and I encourage you to stay strong in your fight. I’ve put a resource link in my bio that was extremely helpful to me during my time of need, and I hope it is helpful to anyone struggling too.”

“I love you. You are enough and I am enough. I found an inner-strength through writing this song, and I make a sincere promise to you : I am done being Bad To Myself.”

The singer also shared a link to an organization with lots of education and resources on eating disorders. Head to for more!

Greyson Chance Celebrates 10 Years Since Uploading 'Paparazzi' Video!

Greyson Chance Celebrates 10 Years Since Uploading 'Paparazzi' Video!

Can you believe it has only been ten years since Greyson Chance went viral on YouTube?!

The then 12-year-old uploaded a video of himself covering Lady Gaga‘s song “Paparazzi” and his performance wowed the world.

“on this day ten years ago, i uploaded a video that would change my life forever. speaking from true disbelief, i thank you. i could have never imagined being granted the ability to do what i do, and now ten years into it, i can promise you that i’m still here thanks to hard work. i was told constantly that i’d never beat the impact of this video, but i put my head down and kept going and i kept writing. now, music isn’t a choice for me, but rather my purpose; and i am so grateful for that. cheers to another 10 years 💕,” he wrote on Instagram to commemorate the day.

He also dished on working with Ariana Grande for his “Unfriend You” music video.

“everyone who knew Ari at this time understood that she was going to be such a star. she was so inspiring and so encouraging to me during this time,” he said.

“ive been an emotional wreck all day, and all i can say is THANK YOU. every step of the way (both good and bad) you all have been there for me, and i truly dont deserve you,” Greyson added. “through happy tears, cheers to another 10 years #10YearsWithGreyson”

Greyson Chance Signs New Record Deal After 6 Years

Greyson Chance Signs New Record Deal After 6 Years

Greyson Chance is officially a signed artist again!

The 21-year-old singer has been an independent singer since his return three years ago.

“your boy just signed a deal with @aristarecords & @sonymusicglobal ‼️‼️” he excitedly wrote on Instagram. “when i was 15, i was dropped by my first record label. shortly after, my entire team fled, including my manager, agent, publicist, everyone. it was the most isolated i have ever felt in my life, and suddenly the future i dreamed of in music seemed insurmountable and impossible. i remember pleading with myself to keep on fighting; i did.”

“last week i signed a deal that i have been working towards for 6 years and life feels very surreal at the moment,” Greyson added. “thank you to @davidmassey123 and @aristarecords for their trust in my creative vision and this opportunity to create. to my friends, family, Alex, and to Oklahoma, thank you for your tireless support and for always being there for me no matter the circumstance. it is truly amazing what can happen in life when you put your head down, place faith into yourself, and continue on. i’m not going anywhere x.”

Greyson will soon head out on a massive headlining world tour in support of his new album Portraits.

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