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Here's Why 'The Perfectionists' TV Series Won't Be The Exact Same As The Books

Here's Why 'The Perfectionists' TV Series Won't Be The Exact Same As The Books

Have you read “The Perfectionists” books by Sara Shepard?

If you have, then you automatically can tell that the Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists series isn’t page for page.

Showrunner I. Marlene King opened up to The Wrap about why that is.

“I think everybody should read Sara’s books because if you watch the show, we’re not going to give away the twists from the books,” she says. “Because if you read the books, it would be almost impossible to pull off on a TV show and sustain that.”

However, the series is “really embracing this world of perfectionism and these young people who feel like they have to be perfect in everything. I’d say that more than anything — the characters and the overall mystery of the show — we pull from Sara’s original ideas.”

Marlene also shared that she sees the series going for quite a few seasons.

“I don’t want to spoil anything, but there are so many great characters and such a rich woven story that there’s going to be tentacles from this first story that go one for a long time with plenty of twists and turns,” she shared. “With Pretty Little Liars, I thought that we’d be lucky to go for five seasons, so to get to go for seven, honestly, I just give so much credit to the fans and to the actors.”

Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists airs TONIGHT @ 8PM ET/PT on Freeform.

Bella Thorne Reveals 'Life of a Wannabe Mogul' Book Cover

Bella Thorne Reveals 'Life of a Wannabe Mogul' Book Cover

Bella Thorne has officially unveiled the cover of her upcoming memoir, “The Life of a Wannabe Mogul: A Mental Disarray”.

The 21-year-old actress shared the cover with her fans on Instagram, which also comes with a musical soundscape.

“Morning early birds. Order right now and I’m personalizing each book for u bbs,” Bella wrote, adding that the book is a “collection of illuminating and inspiring poems chronicles her personal struggles, relationships, and wild-child lifestyle, all with her trademark wit and wisdom.”

The book will come with a signed limited-edition vinyl that features Bella performing several of her favorite pieces on top of a musical soundscape composed by boyfriend Mod Sun.

You can pre-order the book now for $40, and it will be out in June.

Hero Fiennes-Tiffin Narrates New 'After' Chapter For Audiobook - Listen Here!

Hero Fiennes-Tiffin Narrates New 'After' Chapter For Audiobook - Listen Here!

You’re about to have an even bigger crush on Hero Fiennes-Tiffin after he reads you a never-before-released chapter from After!

JustJaredJr.com is exclusively premiering an excerpt from the new movie tie-in audiobook with the brand new chapter.

“It was so surreal hearing Hardin’s voice coming from the actor that is portraying him,” author Anna Todd shared with us. “Hero has done so much to get into his character of Hardin and it shows in the extra chapter. I can’t wait for my readers to hear it.”

The audiobook includes a letter to fans read by Anna, too.

The film adaption of After, starring Hero and Josephine Langford, will be released on April 12th

Chris Colfer Reveals Title & Cover For Brand New Book Series

Chris Colfer Reveals Title & Cover For Brand New Book Series

Chris Colfer just announced his brand new book series and we are so excited to read it!

Titled “A Tale of Magic”, the new novel series will be in the same vein of of “Land of Stories”.

The first book will center on Brystal Evergreen, a young girl destined for greatness, but forced to survive the oppressive Southern Kingdom. Her only escape is books, but it’s illegal for women to read in her country, and working as a maid at the local library is the only way to access them.

She eventually finds a book about magic that changes her life forever — and discovers she herself is capable of magic. The only problem: Magic is despised and outlawed, and Brystal is convicted for her crimes.

“I wanted to write a book that, not only takes my young readers on a whimsical adventure, but also helps them cope with our challenging and ever-changing reality,” Chris shared with EW in a new interview. “But most importantly, I wanted to tell a story that teaches children to ‘never surrender your joy or your ambition to the times you live in.’”

Check out the book cover below!

'The Kissing Booth' Author Announces Sequel Book

'The Kissing Booth' Author Announces Sequel Book

We are so excited about this news!

Beth Reekles, the author behind The Kissing Booth, is coming out with a sequel book!

The announcement comes just after Netflix confirmed a second film, with Joey King, Joel Courtney and Jacob Elordi.

Here’s the summary for the book:

Elle Evans seems to have finally tamed hotter-than-hot bad boy Noah Flynn, but now they’re facing a new challenge. Noah’s 3,000 miles away at Harvard, which means they’re officially a long-distance couple – and it’s tough. After all, there’s only so much texts and calls can satisfy – and when Elle sees a post which suggests Noah’s getting friendly with someone else, she’s devastated.

On top of that, it’s hard to ignore new boy Levi. He’s gentle, sweet, cute – and definitely interested in Elle.

With her heart on the line, what’s a girl to do?

Join Elle, Noah, Lee and all your favourite Kissing Booth characters for another amazing romantic story that’s sure to have you swooning.

“The Kissing Booth 2″ book will be out on May 11th!

10 Book Boyfriends We'll Never Stop Dreaming About

10 Book Boyfriends We'll Never Stop Dreaming About

Peter Kavinsky is one of the best book boyfriends ever and we’re not going to deny that at all.

However, JJJ knows there are a slew of other book boyfriends out there just waiting to get the love that Peter has since the debut of the To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before movie.

We’ve gathered up 10 of the best fictional boyfriends, who all have their faults, but are still the ones we’d want to spend forever with.

We’re not saying that you should toss Peter to the side, because he’s still super dreamy, but give these guys a chance too!

Click inside for the 10 Best Boyfriends You’ll Find In Books…

'Chilling Adventures of Sabrina' Gets YA Prequel Novel, Due Out This Summer

'Chilling Adventures of Sabrina' Gets YA Prequel Novel, Due Out This Summer

How cool is the cover for The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina‘s prequel novel?!

Scholastic will be releasing the novel, called “Season of the Witch”, written by author Sarah Rees Brennan.

Set in the summer before the events of Season 1, “Season of the Witch” finds Sabrina unsure of Harvey Kinkle’s feelings for her. To find out, she casts an enchantment on him (a suggestion from cousin Ambrose), a move that goes terribly awry once a wood spirit gets involved.

“They’re definitely gonna get a lot of extra story development, a lot of behind-the-scenes, a lot of insights. It’s like lore that they would not get from just watching the TV show,” the publishing house shared with Syfy. “When you make a TV show, there’s only so much you can do, you have a limited [amount] of time. With the book, we could take a deep dive into the character and just expand the storyline.”

“Season of the Witch” goes on sale Tuesday, July 9th.