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'Descendants 2' Costume Designer Kara Saun Talks Designing Mal's 'Princess' Attire (Exclusive)

'Descendants 2' Costume Designer Kara Saun Talks Designing Mal's 'Princess' Attire (Exclusive)

Dove Cameron always dons gorgeous costumes while playing Mal in Descendants, and as it turns out, Descendants 2 is no different — though her costuming definitely is.

Dove is so fun because she’s like a princess,” costume designer Kara Saun told JJJ of designing Mal’s wardrobe for the second movie. “It’s all very embellished fabrics and very delicate and all colors you would not expect to see Mal in. Every time you see her she’s literally in a different outfit.”

Kara also told us how she created a story with Mal that can be told even through her costuming.

“Here she is now trying to really be the princess and fit in,” she explained, “and still have that self-realization like…is this really me? Is this who I am? You can see in her blonde hair that she still has lavender tips because she just couldn’t get the purple out. To me it just symbolized no matter how hard you try you still keep who you are about you.”

She also spoke about how Mal’s wardrobe shows her transformation throughout the film.

“Throughout the movie you see the transformation in her style from being the princess to going back to the isle. She’s grown and she’s transformed.”

Dove has said that she admires her character’s “vulnerability and strength,” and we can’t wait to see that reflected through Mal’s costuming.