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Carly Chaikin: Sports in 'Suburgatory'

Carly Chaikin: Sports in 'Suburgatory'

Carly Chaikin, Kara and Katelyn Pacitto all give Jane Levy dirty looks in this new still from Suburgatory.

In tomorrow’s episode “The Body,” when Tessa (Levy) realizes that she’s failing gym class, she decides to run for student body president in hopes of changing Chatswin High’s obsession with sports. During the election, Lisa (Allie Grant) steps in as Tessa’s campaign manager against Kenzie and Kaitlyn.

Meanwhile, Ryan (Parker Young) is injured during a wrestling match and finds himself mourned by his family, and George (Jeremy Sisto) takes Ryan under his wing and introduces him to people who have moved forward from setbacks.

“The Body” premieres Wednesday, February 15th @ 8:30PM ET/PT on ABC. 10+ pics inside… More Here! »

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Dylan Sprouse: New 'Suite Life' Love Interest?

Dylan Sprouse: New 'Suite Life' Love Interest?

Dylan Sprouse continues to film scenes for the new Suite Life movie in Vancouver on Wednesday afternoon (September 29).

It looks like Dylan‘s character Zack may be getting a new love interest — in Katelyn Pacitto!

Katelyn recently starred as Lana, Tripp’s girlfriend in I’m In the Band.

In the series, Zack currently has a girlfriend named Maya, played by Zoey Deutch.

The Suite Life movie is expected to debut on Disney Channel next year.