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O2L Announces Reunion Live Stream For Charity!

O2L Announces Reunion Live Stream For Charity!

Now THIS is the kind of reunion we have been waiting for!!

YouTube content creators Our2ndLife have announced they will ALL be back for a can’t miss live stream event THIS Sunday (December 13).

The whole crew is back, including JC Caylen, Kian Lawley, Sam Pottorff, Ricky Dillon, Trevi Moran and yes, Connor Franta.

“Let’s go back to 2014 for the day. Our2ndLife Reunion Stream for Charity. Sunday at 2pm,” the group’s Twitter account reads.

“what can i say? i still got the giggles,” Connor also wrote on his own account.

“O2L trending #1… can’t deny that everyone that supported us back in the day still have it. O2L & it’s supporters have a special place in each others’ hearts. we grew up together. Sunday will be special,” JC added.

It’s been almost six whole years since they announced their split in a YouTube video, titled “This Is Not Goodbye.”

The live stream will take place on JC‘s Twitch account. Check out their announcement video below!

Ricky Dillon Comes Out As Gay

Ricky Dillon Comes Out As Gay

YouTuber Ricky Dillon has come out as gay.

The 27-year-old uploaded a new video, with the simple title, “I’m Gay,” where he opens up about his journey to getting to this point.

“I’ve barely said this out loud, so I’m saying it several times to normalize it for myself,” Ricky says in the beginning of the video. “And I’m finally okay with it.”

“I started to slowly realize that I’m gay a couple of years ago, I would say 2017, and ever since I’ve slowly realized it more,” he went on. “Fast forward to this day, I am 1,000% percent sure that I’m gay.”

“i’ve been sobbing uncontrollably for the past hour. i’m overwhelmed with relief and emotion. i’ve never felt like this before ever. i can’t believe it,” Ricky tweeted after uploading the video.

Ricky has previously come out as asexual in 2016, before opening up later, saying, “I no longer 100% relate to that video. I don’t have a label for myself for the time being, I am figuring myself out, and I don’t label myself as asexual.”

Ricky Dillon Reveals Why He Left YouTube: 'It's Been the Best Decision'

Ricky Dillon Reveals Why He Left YouTube: 'It's Been the Best Decision'

Ricky Dillon is getting candid about his decision to take a step back from posting on YouTube

The 27-year-old social media star says that because of financial struggles, he wanted to find other ways to make money.

“The hardest thing I overcame this year was financial struggles. I don’t want to get too deep into it but I had a lot of tax issues and wasn’t doing too well financially. And in July, I made the decision to become a freelance editor,” Ricky explained in a new video.

He continued, “I now edit for a lot of YouTubers that you may know and love and I really love it. In fact, it’s actually kind of nice to edit for somebody else because you don’t have to stare at your own face for eight hours!”

“It’s been the best decision I’ve made for myself in a long time. I’m the most stable and content I’ve been in years. This year, I came to the point where I was like, ‘I can’t just do YouTube.’ It’s too risky, it’s stressful, it’s anxiety-inducing. So this summer I hit a really low point with my finances and was like, ‘I need to do something else.’ I love YouTube…but I needed more than just this to earn money,” Ricky concluded.

Hear all that Ricky had to say below…

Ricky Dillon Gets Pushed at Club, Ends Up In Hospital

Ricky Dillon Gets Pushed at Club, Ends Up In Hospital

Ricky Dillon‘s Friday night ended with a trip to the hospital!

The 26-year-old YouTuber was out having a good time when he got pushed at a club, and hit his head on the ground.

“I’m in the hospital LOL some rambunctious stranger pushed me in the club and my head hit the floor woo yay great love meeting new people im so good at making friends,” he wrote with a bloody photo on Twitter.

Ricky even joked about the situation. “i was pushed down at the club alexa play anything by ariana grande to help heal my head,” he wrote, adding the next morning, “before and after listening to sweetener.” LOL!

He did assure fans and friends that he is indeed going to be okay. “Omg hello last night was crazy but I’m fine,” he added. Glad you’re okay Ricky!!

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Young Hollywood Reacts to Kylie Jenner's Surprise Birth Announcement - See the Tweets!

Young Hollywood Reacts to Kylie Jenner's Surprise Birth Announcement - See the Tweets!

Kylie Jenner just shocked the world on Super Bowl Sunday with the news that she gave birth to a baby girl on Friday (February 1).

Many of our favorite celebs have taken to Twitter to send their congrats and offer up funny messages about the two big events happening in one day.

“KYLIE JENNER IS A MOM!” Ricky Dillon tweeted, adding, “this is so sweet I’m crying omg congrats,” in response to her video.

“Kylie announcing she had a baby girl is my Super Bowl,” Molly Tarlov wrote. LOL!

Alex Lange even posted a poll asking if he should watch the Super Bowl or Kylie‘s video.

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iJustine, Dolan Twins, Anna Akana & More React To Logan Paul's Japan Suicide Forest Video

iJustine, Dolan Twins, Anna Akana & More React To Logan Paul's Japan Suicide Forest Video

Digital creators and social stars are not happy with Logan Paul after his controversial video he posted over the weekend about his trip to Japan.

In the video, Logan paid a visit to Aokigahara, a forest at the base of Mt. Fuji known as the “Japanese Suicide Forest” and upon coming upon a dead man’s body, he included the footage in the video.

iJustine, Ricky Dillon, Eva Gutowski, Anna Akana and more social stars are disappointed in Logan and have shared their thoughts about what he did on social media.

“I’m hoping that video is “just a prank bro” – which would be EVEN WORSE. There is just no possible way anyone who witnessed that in person could laugh, or make jokes, let alone FILM IT,” iJustine wrote. “I’m beyond disturbed and I’m an adult. No child should be subjected to that, real or not.”

Justine even called out YouTube about the video, urging them to have repercussions for this kind of content.

“@YouTube you CANNOT ignore this. You have so many incredibly talented content creators who strive to make this platform a better place. Stop promoting the trash that makes us all look bad.”

While Logan apologized and deleted the video, the damage has been done.

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Ricky Dillon Addresses Body Shaming On Purposeful Weight Gain

Ricky Dillon Addresses Body Shaming On Purposeful Weight Gain

Ricky Dillon has gained 50 pounds recently and now he is opening up about the gain.

The 25-year-old YouTube star posted a new video on Tuesday (December 26) to talk about his weight gain and address the issue of body shaming.

“I don’t usually do videos on serious topics but I think it’s important to every once in a while,” he says in the beginning. “Yes, my title is pretty dramatic and it’s not click bait. I have gained 50 pounds this year, most of it towards the end of the year, recently. And first of all, it’s been on purpose.”

“I am really into health and fitness, and I have kind of looked and been the same for like 10 years,” he continued. “I just wanted to switch things up and I work with a really great personal trainer. He has pushed me crazy hard. But basically I have purposefully been gaining weight to build muscle, to build mass. It’s called bulking.”

“[Some comments] have been really nice… But there’s a lot they are kind of rude and unneccessary,” Ricky said. “There are some that are like, ‘Wow, Ricky is getting really fat.’ ‘Ricky has gained so much weight, he looks horrible now.’ ‘Ricky suddenly looks 10 years older.’”

Since releasing the video, Ricky has received a ton of positive feedback for standing up and raising awareness on body shaming. Watch his video below…