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Fivel Stewart Stars In 'The Never List' Trailer - Watch Now! (Exclusive)

Fivel Stewart Stars In 'The Never List' Trailer - Watch Now! (Exclusive)

Fivel Stewart is starring in the brand new movie The Never List and we have the exclusive trailer premiere!

The 24-year-old Atypical actress stars as Eva Jeffries in the upcoming film, which is out on December 11th.

Here’s a synopsis: 16-year old Eva (Stewart) is as overachieving as they come. Running for student class president while juggling a heavy academic schedule and planning the upcoming school dance, Eva dreams of becoming a comic book artist – something she knows her helicopter mom would never support.

Since elementary school, Eva and her BFF Liz (Brenna D’Amico) have cosplayed their alter-egos, “Vicky” and “Veronica,” as a way to release the pressure they feel. Together, they imagine Vicky and Veronica doing highly questionable, even illegal, acts that the real Eva and Liz would never do… acts they document in “The Never List.”

When Liz dies in a tragic accident, Eva is filled with anger and regret thinking about all the things Liz never did out of fear of risking her future… a future she ultimately would never have. Eva decides the best way to honor her best friend’s memory is to complete The Never List.

At first this journey leads her to romance and adventure, but as the list progresses, her actions begin threatening the very foundations of her carefully planned teenage life and even her own future.

The Never List also stars Keiko Agena, Jonathan Bennett, Andrew Kai, Drew Droege and MariNaomi, as well as Fivel‘s brother Booboo Stewart, Anna Grace Barlow, Ryan Cargill, Tori Keeth, and Matt Corboy.

‘The Never List’ Trailer Premiere
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